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Jun 27, 2009

Get to know me

Hello, just a little about my self, I am an LA girl, who loves to write and express her thoughts. I hope this blog will help share a little piece of me and my thoughts with other expressionists out there. I am new to blogging , and I am blogging for fun and for self expression. I love art, I love fashion, and this blog will express just that. My likes and tastes change just as much as the California weather does, and you will see this in my blog.
I am in love with high fashion, and street fashion. I love how opposed and different they are, but at the same time so expressive and alike. I love Mexican art and culture as it is a great part of who I am, however I secretly wish I was born in Paris France, I dream of living in Paris, and My 2008 visit to the beautiful city only made my wishes more intense. I have a passion for Expressionist art, along with Pop art, and Modern art. I love Spanish style colonial architecture, just the same as I love Modern Minimalist concept architecture.
Lastly I have a huge admiration for individuals in the present and in history that are daring enough to fight for change, since they then become revolutionaries. That same admiration is why I hold a special place in my heart for one of the most influential woman in history Coco Chanel. I hope one day to be at the least 1% as influential as Chanel was to the fashion industry and to women's life style in general. As you can probably tell by this small expression of my thoughts, I prove to be a big clash and hybrid of tastes and influences, and I truly hope that my efforts of expressing that hybrid is successful through this blog.

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