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Jul 19, 2009

DIY- Do It Myself!

Let Me Fill You In...
Hello Everyone! I had been meaning to post this blog entry for such a long time now, since they day I went to Downtown LA. The reason it has taken me so long to post this baby is because I was having trouble with my laptop. I have all my pictures stored in my laptop, and guess what? It didn't want to turn on. However, my old laptop will not be giving us anymore troubles, as you read on, I will explain why.
Today was a beautiful hot Sunday at about 93degrees Fahrenheit! The perfect Sunday to go to the beach and bike ride, too bad I was not able to take advantage of such a pretty day. Other than having breakfast with my boyfriend, my Sunday was a very tiring and "blah" Sunday! The good news is that I was able to go to Best Buy, and took advantage of their back to school sales. I finally bought a new laptop! It is a little different than my old faithful companion, but I have to admit that it was time to retire my old trusty laptop for good..

The rest of the day I spent locked in my room trying to finish math homework, and studying for a test I have Monday (tomorrow). I will also post more outfit pictures, and also work on some DIY projects I have been meaning to get to!
For now, here are pictures of my current DIY's

My DIY's
(no. not driving under the influence, I mean - DO IT YOURSELF PROJECTS)
Rope Belt
I originally wanted a thicker and lighter shaded rope material, but this was what I was able to find. I wanted to give the rope accent trend a try this summer, I haven't tried it on, or worn this, but as soon as I do, I will post up pictures and fill you in on my thoughts.
Denim Headband

This is the finished product worn by me!

I am also currently working on a braided denim belt, similar to the headband but thicker...

Soon To Be Curtains
I am sure that by looking at the messy closet background from my What I Wore Today pictures you can tell I am in desperate need of closet curtains. I Used to have floor length sliding mirror doors, they were so annoying, bulky and extremely difficult to slide. I never had easy access to my closet, and believe me if there is one thing you need to have easy access to it is your closet! One random day I was in a "organize everything I possibly can" mood, and that was when I took off the sliding closet doors. It's been about two months since I have had an exposed closet. The up side is that it solves my "easy access" problem. The down side is that you can see everything! So I thought of adding a bit of spunk to my room with the idea of adding a pair of cute curtains.
After walking around during the peak of the heat in Downtown for quite some time (enough to get sunburned) I found a textile that fit the design idea, and budget for my curtain project. There was so many other beautiful choices of fabric that I liked, but the prices were above my set price range. You can see the final textile choice in the picture above. I wanted s patterned textile with complementing shades that would work with my room.

I have to be honest, I am a bit nervous on whether the curtains will look good once they are up, especially since they cover almost a whole wall. I am a bit antsy to put them up, I hope the colors match the palette and theme of my room, which has been an on-going and forever changing project of mine!

I found the most beautiful curtain rod at a local store, and I already put it up! I have to go and look for curtain clips that match the brassy finish of the curtain rod. The bad news is that I haven't been moving at the rapid pace I would have liked with this project because my math work keeps me busy.

I can't wait to see the finished product. This project has also inspired me to finish other details that have been pending in my never ending bedroom project. Next up, once I am done with the closet curtains, I think I am going to move on and work on my window panels. I will fill you in on that headache once it gets closer! For now I have to start sewing the curtains!
Wish me Luck, lets hope I finish this DIY soon!

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