LA CATRINA de LA Moda: My sunday shopping trip!

Jul 13, 2009

My sunday shopping trip!

So as I wrote a few posts earlier, yesterday Sunday I went to a local Marshalls discount store just to kill time and look around, since I really am not allowing myself to shop because I am currently not working this summer. Here are a few pictures of the items that caught my eye.

Francesco Biasia leather handbag.
This purse was very nice, it had a drawstring option, and an extra long convertible strap that goes around the bottom of the purse when not in use. The price was not bad at all @ $ 119.99, since the cheapest I found this purse online was $222.00, I am sorry about the bad quality of the photo, it was taken from my phone, and as you can now tell has a horrible camera! On the top of this post I included a better picture of this purse from

I completely fell in love with this skirt. It's a button down navy blue twill skirt by French Connection. This skirt had an original price tag of $109.00. The price it was on sale for was $ 24.99!!! Yes I know an amazing price. I still can't believe I did not purchase this CUTE skirt!

Sam Edelman sandals- $ 49.99
also in Patent leather Nude color

Madden Girl Flower sandals $24.99
also in teal, brown, and black.

my favorite items were the yellow flower sandals, and the French Connection skirt. Both the sandals and skirt had a great price tag, but I have to be strong and not give in! So far I survived, but I don't know how much longer I can go without shopping, or updating my wardrobe! Please wish me the best of luck.

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elvia said...

Wow, you're a strong person, I'm always telling me that and I continue to shop. I need to stop.. I'm going to be strong like you.. Geeee, it might be an inherit from the family ( to love to shop)..