LA CATRINA de LA Moda: Andy the GREAT

Aug 18, 2009

Andy the GREAT

Yesterday I wrote about how the V 61 magazine cover featuring Lady Gaga reminded me of pop art, and that was when I realized That I had been going through a fashion frenzy (which is pretty much usually 24/7 ) and had not posted anything on art since I started this baby... (blog) :) This is why I want to share with you some of my favorite Andy Warhol images. I have been, and probably forever will be fascinated by Andy Warhol and his work. My all time favorite image/print has to be the "are you different" black and white print.
tell me which one is your favorite Andy Warhol masterpiece?? I would love to know!!


noura. said...

yessss andy warhol.

Beth said...

Mine has to be the famous Marylin Monroe images.
Great post, I love his work too :)
Beth xx

Tri-sol said...

I am not sure friend. . .Andy Warhol rocks, but I think Keith Harring is my favorite (graphic arts anyway). Its all good. :)