LA CATRINA de LA Moda: Beautiful San Diego

Aug 16, 2009

Beautiful San Diego

I told you that last weekend I went to beautiful San Diego City!!! So here are some pictures I took. I went to a baseball game, and some bars. Sadly I really didn't do any shopping [or damage ;)] haha, even though we stayed in Gaslamp which has A-M-A-Z-I-N-G shopping!!! Well hopefully next time I visit San Diego my pockets will be in better condition, and I will be able to go shopping! !


Ashley said...

Snake print tunic = awesome
And those flat-top shades, LOVE!!!!!!

Monika P. said...

thats's sure, next time you pocked will be in better condition;) As I see San Diego is a beautiful city. I just love travelling. And your sunnies are stunning!

ANDY said...

Hi gorgoeus...
Thanks for the comment!!
I have the same sunglasses :)
actually 2 pairs cause I love them so much!

Andy from

Lorien said...

Beautiful girl... but you need to do something with that trainwreck that is your hair. Otherwise, perfect.