LA CATRINA de LA Moda: Can you take me Higher

Aug 3, 2009

Can you take me Higher



over the knee boots

I am loving the array of over the knee boots that we are seeing for this coming fall and winter seasons. Last year the over the knee boot made an appearance thanks to fashion pioneers and fashion trend setters like Kate Moss. This year we are going to be seeing a lot more over the knee beauties! I just cant wait for fall! I already have a flat pair of suede over the knee boots which I love! However I am considering getting another pair with a higher heel to wear with my dressier outfits!!! I am going to start looking around to see if there are any good reasonable prices that won't hurt my pockets, don't worry I will keep you filled in on what I find!


Maria said...

I would like a pair of those!

Maria x

stylenstuff said...

chinese laundry has some that aren't expensive, check out their website, I ordered one in black and i already have it in brown! I love it

stylenstuff said...

lol i should've read more properly, you do say you have a pair, and would like some HIGH-HEELED ones. My bad ;)