LA CATRINA de LA Moda: Dark LIPS??

Aug 21, 2009

Dark LIPS??

I have been contemplating the dark lip trend for a while now.... I can do light red, dark red and anything between and around there. However I am not sure about going this dark... I feel as if dark color lip shades make my complexion even paler!! This NARS shade would be a great fall makeup look, so YES I will give it a try :)

On another note! I just want to share how excited I am about my intro to Fashion Merchandising class homework... I pretty much have to look back at one designer and one fashion trend from the amazing 80's and analyze it then and now. Can I say that I love this homework assignment, come on, I do this kind of stuff for fun!! WOoo! ;)



Marie-Louise said...

this is exactly how i feel about dark lip color..its a bit intimidating

Tania said...

i love that lip color, i was about to buy the chanel one a few months ago..but then..on second thought, when could i have used that? I seldom use any lip color at all.. Still, i love it, and i'm sure i'm gonna buy it..sooner or later :)

PS you're right that homework is fantastic oh god i can't wait to study fashion i have to take two more years of this crrrraaappp.

vivenorie said...

hahaha! good we are both creepies! i recently got my BA in marketing, getting to those core classes is the becomes so much more enjoyable. fashion merchandising=exciting! gooood luck.

ShoeBox Gal said...

wow this lipstick look perfect! :)

Anonymous said...

i do like the lip color! :)

cody said...

like the color!!
xx cody

FASHintuitION said...

I think it is more for a fashion editorial look, or maybe some gothic influenced look!
But there is nothing like giving it a try, right!? :)
BJS *keep it stylish*

Nubiasnonsense said...

WOW this shade looks lovely, I would love to try it