LA CATRINA de LA Moda: The Last Sunday

Aug 18, 2009

The Last Sunday

Perfect sunday afternoon, ready to eat Mariscos (seafood) with the BF :)
Hello everyone!! Well I started my fall semester this week! Yes I am a little overwhelmed since I just finished a very intense summer math course last Thursday. A little sad to say that I didn't get much of a chance to vacation this summer. However, I did have an amazing 4 day trip to the AMAZING NYC, and two weekend visits to beautiful San Diego. My ideal summer getaway trip would have been SPAIN!!! but there was no funding for that this year... I am going through a rough patch this year!! Any ideas on how to make extra money!! please!! :) Well my point is that my boyfriend and I tried to enjoy and relax this weekend the most possible. I will probably be busy and stressed out from now on since I will be taking a Statistics Math course eeek! I know :O On the other hand , I am also VERY excited because I am finally taking major related courses again!! I am taking Intro to Fashion Merchandising, Textiles, Intro to Careers in Fashion, or something like that, lets see how it goes it's my first time taking fashion courses at LBCC.

On another note, guess what!!! I won a $100 gift card to thanks to wooo! Now the question is what to buy! Books or Shoes!! hmmm!

wish me the best of luck!


Tri-sol said...

How exciting FRIEND! You won $100! That is soooo cool. I say get the shoes. Hows about those total cute Aldo pumps.

Tania said...

definitely get SHOES. No doubt. :)
you're going to take fashion courses? that's cool! I mean to attend fashion school too as soon as i graduate! Well let me know which you think it's the best! :)

Good Luck

CC said...

Get shoes! Books you can always borrow from libraries, shoes you cant. :P


PS - The ones you're wearing in the pictures are so cute!

Mila said...

I love your outfit,dear!

milkyjelly said...

beautiful outfit, really i like it. It is an elegance and fashion, love it ;D

Beverly said...

goood look! :) i hope to be there pretty soon :)