LA CATRINA de LA Moda: my FAVE shades

Aug 8, 2009

my FAVE shades

Hello everyone, I just got back from San Diego and have a few pictures I want to share. SAN DIEGO was beautiful!!! I love Downtown San Diego, and the weather was perfect! However I will post the pictures form SD in a future post. For now this is what I wore this past Wednesday. I am so happy that I finally found my vintage looking flat top sunglasses that I am wearing here. I lost them weeks ago and couldn't remember what I did with them!!! WAIT, I did not loose them... I misplaced them ;)
I am wearing:
grey maxi dress- I purchased this dress in Downtown LA a long time ago, maybe over a year and a half ago, I bought it for my August 08 visit to NYC, my favorite thing about this dress is that I can wear it several ways because the straps can be styled in what seems like an infinite number of ways, H&M gold strand necklace, rosary necklaces from Mexico, Abro bag.

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Looks great!!


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