nicole for ViVi

ViVi Magazine Japan October 2009

I don't think I have ever stated before that I like Nicole, I really like how after some time she established her own style. What I like about her style is that she always looks like she is not trying too hard, and always looks laid back and comfortable with what she's wearing. I am not sure what to think of her October spread for ViVi magazine... I like the cover and the big bow, and I like that the rest of the styling looks casual and wearable, but somehow it looks different to me. Maybe it's because I haven't been following what she has been wearing lately, or maybe because I am so used to her more bohemian LA look.
what do you guys think? thumbs up, thumbs down?


Monika P. said…
Nicole has a great great style!
Ariana said…
I think she`s pretty cute with that headband,but I don`t follow her style.I have seen some picture from her street outfits,I liked it,but my heart was not dancing,haha)
Ashley said…
This is a fun spread..that ginormous bow on Nicole's head is hilariously chic.