LA CATRINA de LA Moda: PIMP out Smarts

Aug 25, 2009

PIMP out Smarts

I know this really isn't a fashion post, we can say that it's more of an art post ;) BUT I came across this image on and I had to share it! HOW cute do this cars look! I don't think I see myself driving a smart car here in LA, But ever since my 2008 trip to Paris where I first discovered Smart cars I became fascinated by them!! Maybe what contributes to my fascination towards these tiny cuties is the fact that I wish I could live in Paris and drive a Smart car. If I were to drive a Smart car here in LA I think I would be constantly in fear that other cars would smash me!!! These cars look like toy cars, or I don't know if anyone remembers the power wheels!! haha.. they are soooo cute to look at, I am not sure if I would want to drive one :)

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micholandia! said...

I wonder if they have a truck smart car! hahaha