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Aug 1, 2009

What I Wore - Paint Me Lavender

I am loving my OPI South Beach Lavender nail polish!!! At first I wasn't too sure if I would like the shade of light purple on my nails. I ended up loving it!! Not as girly as pink, but girly enough for summer!

Let me make it clear, that it is never my intention to match my clothes to my nail polish. I actually dislike any kind of makeup matching clothing or anything of that type. It just so happened that I forgot that I had done my nails Lavender, and wore a Lavender dress this week.... oooops ;)

This is how I wore the outfit to dinner, Happy Birthday Mom, LOOOOOVE YOU =)

This is how I wore the outfit to school. I dressed it down with flat gladiator sandals. Let me vent out that I am so sick of MY HAIR right now. I am so past due for a hair cut and color!!! aghhh I can't take it anymore. I am really pushing it, trying to make it work in any way or form I can! I should be making an appointment soon! I am so excited, what should I do to it!!!??

Lavender Trapeze Dress that looks blue-ish because of my cheap camera! (forgot where I got it from, but it was really cheap about $8.99), Steve Madden Sandals, Chanel purse, H&M gold layered necklace, Nine West Wedges

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