Oct 16, 2009



wow it has been a while since I have posted, I have been meaning to post for som time now, but never get around to it.... mid term exams and projects are keeping me extremely BUSY!!!
later on today I am going to an LA Fashion Week SHOW! yes I am so excited, lets hope I get tons of good pictures, it's in times like these when I wish I had a better camera!

ok, now down to business

BALMAIN Spring 2010

These are some of top favorites from Balmain Spring 2010, I am going to be honest the first time I glanced over this collection I was not excited (maybe because I was expecting something different?), however every time I take a look at it.... I LOVE it more and more! :)
I love the contrast of the METALLIC mixed with the leather pieces, and with the more casual less flashy pieces like the distressed slouchy t- shirts, and opened up button downs.
the silhouette formula is basically the same, which is fine because its BALMAIN! and I Love it :)

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