Oct 26, 2009

WOW! I have been absent for some more time now! Well, LA Fashion Week is about to near it's end, but I just wanted to share some pictures from last week, the best friend and I were able to attend an LA Fashion Week event! On October 16 we attended the first annual Fashion Minga @ Boulevard 3 Hollywood, it was a new concept of mixing live entertainment, fashion, and socialites or "tastemakers" as they put it, in a club like/ night life atmosphere. The event showcased mostly emerging talents and designers, and was not a MAJOR event but none-the less I can say I made it to an LA Fashion Week event WOOO! The fashion show showcased Jazmin Whitley's Li Cari SS 2010 Collection ( looks like she has her own MTV show too, but who doesn't these days). The venue, and atmosphere was amazing, my friend and I had a blast, who wouldn't there was music, drinks, and fashion!

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