LA CATRINA de LA Moda: birthday weekEND!

Nov 15, 2009

birthday weekEND!

My birthday weekend just passed! As I say goodbye to it... I am posting an outfit picture. I am wearing F21 Disco line sequin bra top, H&M trend metallic brocade skirt, and my new babies (steve madden korset booties) and in my hand one of my favorite drinks.. Babycham Sparkling Perry Cider! Well everyone my special weekend is over, back to the huge stack of school work! ;(


Meredith224 said...

wow girl! You can really pull off a mini. ;) Doesn't work for my body type anymore.. wah wah But now I can pull off a Maxi dress when I didn't used to be able to, so it's not all bad (my hips and thighs got bigger)!

ari said...

thanks! well i was a little worried that it was all too much- mini- metalic-and sequins! BUT! it was my birthday so I figured it was okay! haha lol :)

how are you loving your steve madden french boots!!! ??? i bet they look great with nearly everything~!!