Nov 7, 2009

F A U X me up PLEASE

Kate Moss is a fashion GOD! There is no question about that!!
Looking at this image reminded me of my Juicy Couture Faux Swing Coat I got this past Christmas what is so sad is that I have only wore it ONCE!!!! ;(
This year I am anxiously awaiting Mr. California Weather to get COLD!!!! (pretty please with a cherry on top!!) I can't wait to rock my Juicy Faux COAT!
Juicy Couture Faux Swing Coat that is sitting in my clostet waiting to be set free !


Tish said...

Gf~ You NEEEED to break that bad boy out! I've been telling ya for like a year now. Be bold, be a fashionista. know no boundries. Go Ari, Go!

Meredith224 said...

I love your blog! Stumbled it across it today when I did a google image search of "Steve Madden Frenchh Engineer Boots"! I love this coat that Kate is wearing.. do you know who made it? Thanks!

ari said...

@ Meredith! Hopefully you can read this!I am so happy you like my blog! :) and thanks so much for reading my crazy posts ;)
now! about the coat, I dont know who exactly makes the one Kate is wearing, but I was at ZARA last week and saw one there, it was nearly identical! I also saw a cropped and more affordable style @ Forever 21 here is the link


Meredith224 said...

ooh, I like the Forever 21 coat :) I may have to get that!!!! I found this one on the Free People website which looks almost identical to the one Kate is wearing (sadly, way out of my price range...) But maybe I'll win the wishlist drawing and then it will be mine!!!! :)