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Nov 11, 2009

I love ZARA~

Just got back from a little mini- pre- birthday shopping spree at Santa Monica 3rd st Promenade. I visited ZARA, Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, and H&M.
Zara has amazing pieces like always! I was especially blown away with their shoe and purse selection!.. I fell in love with the first studded heels! I HAD to have them, so I got them! (my present from me, to me :) but they had sooo many cute shoes, ahhh soo many, I also loved the buckle and stud boots below.
Urban Outfitters had a great sale= 50% of all women's sale items. I didn't buy anything from the sale, just loaded up on jeans. I bought my self 2 pairs of their cigarette high rise jean in gray and black, and the bf got me a pair in a distressed blue. I have to say that high rise jeans fit so well! they give your body the perfect tight fit!
Steve Madden had tons, and tons of amazing shoes. I have been looking for walkable black boots! and I found an amazing pair with buckles, however I did not buy them.... Hopefully someone will get them as a gift for me... haha LoL. Or I can always browse on line and get a better deal, many times I search for promo codes, and save quite a bit!
Lastly H&M was great. I was a little bummed that I did not get to see the Jimmy Choo line, since it comes out on NOV 14. I got 2 skirts, and a shoulder embellished cardigan.
Like always! it does not get better that Santa Monica to do shopping (damage :/ ) I really can't wait to go back, they have an outdoor skating rink!

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