LA CATRINA de LA Moda: I LOVe LA, I LOVE WEST 3rd ST Shopping

Dec 5, 2009

I LOVe LA, I LOVE WEST 3rd ST Shopping

The Friday before my Thanksgiving break I was able to browse around the different boutiques located in the Los Angeles West 3rd area. I started off by visiting the Couture House of Lloyd Klein where my classmates and I met John Arguelles the President of Lloyd Klein and current regional director for the fashion Group International. Let me say WOW! the couture house is amazing,as well as the dresses. From there we went next door to the Diane Merrick Clothing Salon (boutique) and also got to meet Diane, I have to say she is the chic-est(is that a word???), cutest, and sweetest 73 year old I have ever met!! From there we visited the Trina Turk, House of Petro Zillia, and Hillary Rush boutiques. If you are ever looking to do some shopping near/around LA you need to stop by the West 3rd shopping area, as well as the Hillary Rush boutique.

The clothing selection at Hillary Rush is amazing!! they have the perfect worn in studded leather jackets, slouchy t-shirts and tanks, peaked shoulder blazers and so much more. I kid you not, every single item I placed my little eyes on I wanted to take home with me!!! Check their website out, sadly it's not updated with everything they carry in store the website only carries a few items( Below are 2 of my picks and there is no surprise that both picks are footwear ;)

Dolce Vita April Pump- $160
Can you say YSL Imperiale Pump "inspired" :) This might be the closest I can get to a YSL pair anytime soon (in this case YSL look alike)I keep on trying to convince my self that I need a new black close toe pair of shoes...hmmm don't think I will find a better candidate out there than this BABY ;)

Jeffery Campbell Chain Boot-$235
not only can you wear this boot different ways but you get so many outfit possibilities, the perfect boot to wear during any season.. rain or shine ;)
I was completely mesmerized by the clothing and accessory selection at Hillary Rush, it is horrible but I want the whole store collection in my closet right now! (while I am at it.... I also want a huge walk in closet to fit it all in ) ;)

what is your favorite LA boutique?


Anonymous said...

Diane Merrick's store is absolutely amazing - but is actually on Beverly Blvd. (not 3rd Street). They have great items, the clothing is (most importantly) affordable, and the people who work there are lovely! They are also doing an event on December 17th from 6 - 9 PM for the holidays so everyone should go!!

ari said...

thanks for the correction :)

Hillary Rush said...

you rule. thanks for your effusive compliments. come back anytime! Ciao. Hillary