LA CATRINA de LA Moda: 12 things I love about Topshop Spring 2010

Jan 10, 2010

12 things I love about Topshop Spring 2010

12 reasons to break my piggy bank, fly to NYC, and make my way to TOPSHOP
1. Floral Jeans

2.Lanvin SS 2010 inspired Jumpsuits

3.Girly, frilly pieces
4. Graphic Hosiery

5. socks and chains to liven up classic black pumps

6. Head to toe basic gray

7. XXXL head bows
8 Bows on jeans

9. Chanel inspired box coats
10. mixed Polk-a-dots
11. a tough girl edge, to harden up spring florals

12. floral print hosiery
How I love TOPSHOP! We so need one HERE in LA PLEASE!!


CC said...

Amen. I'd break my piggy bank for that.
I love the grungy-girly chicness to all the clothes. Topshop is totally kick-ass. :)

Anonymous said...

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ari said...

thank you soooo much!!! anon... you soooo made my day ;)