LA CATRINA de LA Moda: eagerly waiting for my tax returns

Mar 22, 2010

eagerly waiting for my tax returns

Chanel Spring 2010

application of Chanel Spring 2010 temporary tattoos

5 sheets $75.00 available at

okay! I have mentioned many many times before about how much I am dreading this horribly long month of March. I am SUPER broke, yes there was too much going on early during this month (and that includes a trip to Vegas). There is a highlight to my mid March depression.... I should be getting my tax returns by the end of this week!!! However the State of California along with the IRS have to hurry, because the longer I have to wait for my tax deposit, the more my "Tax Money Splurge List" grows.

So far on my list:
*Gucci Sunnies- I have been lusting over the Gucci Pyramid stud sunglasses foreeeever~~
*Jefferey Campbell Chanel Spring 2010 "inspired" clogs, or Celine "inspired" mules....( both are super cute, JC nailed it!)
*Black pair of UO Deena and Ozzy wedge lace up booties - I was beyond happy to find the gray ones I ordered arrived today, I am wearing them right now and I LOVE them, plus they are sooooo comfy, and on sale!!

and lastly the reason for this post (yes this post has a reason.....)
* CHANEL Spring 2010 tattoos ! -I have been itching for a small tattoo for so many years now, but I have been very bad about researching and looking around for tattoo artists. I have many ideas, MANY, MANY I just have to round them up. Some of the ideas I have contemplated, a Chanel logo on wrist, Camellia flower on wrist, some of my favorite phrases in french script, Chanel purse chain strap wrapped around my finger as a ring, and the list goes on and on!! Meanwhile I think these amazing temporary Chanel tattoos will keep me happy, or at least until I make up my mind.

*oh yes, and the rest of my tax returns are going to my savings account for a 2010, 2011 trip to Spain ;)
tell me what are your tax return splurges?

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