LA CATRINA de LA Moda: Why am I still stuck on Fall/Winter ???

Mar 16, 2010

Why am I still stuck on Fall/Winter ???

Fall Winter 2010

Some of my picks from the Burberry Fall Collection, very excited about the aviator jacket, the navy blazers, and those amazing coats. Okay I should just say that every single outerwear piece here is going on my must have list for Fall 2010. I am also still very much excited about the thigh high boot look, and what about those shearling buckle booties... HOTNESS .... yes indeed ;) Fall /Winter 09 is pretty much over and done with, and I am sooo excited about Fall/Winter 2010... Fall/Winters are so much fun with endless layering possibilities.

NOW, let me remember it's almost spring. I have to stop thinking FALL/WINTER.... and start thinking about the beautiful sunny loveley spring summer weather..... especially here in LA ;)

Yay! to that.


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Tarina Heart said...

The jackets are gorgeous!