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May 19, 2010

almost HERE

H&M's Fashion Against Aids
Festival Collection
jacket $49.95

Cycling shorts $12.95                                              tunic/dress $12.95

tops $34.95 each

dress $34.95                                                     sandals $24.95

trousers $29.95

jacket $49.95                                                         shorts $24.95

May 20
is the day of  the release of the H&M Festival collection yes TOMORROW! I have been anticipating this day for some time now.  Above are some of the items that I am really excited about and I want to see in person.  Sadly I will probably not be able to stop by an H&M and take a peek on the actual release day, my week is crazy with final exams and projects.  I am looking forward to doing a little browsing and hopefully shopping this weekend :)
 take a look at the complete price list here

what pieces are you most excited about?


courtney and brigitte said...

so cute, i love the first jacket, im following :)
x courtney

Ariana said...

give me all the denim items!!!Since I am back in Kiev I cannot count on H&M-we don`t have one:((


Clara said...

lovely pieces!

LA said...

Love the first jacket! The denim dress! The sandals!!


Girl, you've got a fabulous style!


Away with the fairy's said...

Those shorts are amazing! :) great blog!

Anonymous said...

they sequin jacket is nice :)

Anonymous said...

I have had my heart set on the fringe dress for months now. I'm going to go get it on saturday and I'm beyond excited@!!!!!

June said...

Me encanto tu blog tenes looks muy lindos! Gracias por pasar por el mio !Te sigo .

Lainey said...

I really want one of the maxis. Unfortunately I called my nearest H&M today, and they won't be carrying any of the collection. Only the Bev Center and Hollywood locations have it in LA.

melindaa said...

i actually wasn't aware of this collection. THANK YOU for enlightening me :] so excited for this now

The CultureCynic said...

You know those trousers and sandals are getting got!!!!
IT IS ON!!!!

isis said...

i adore the crochet wing sleeve tops!!!