LA CATRINA de LA Moda: beach bum

May 23, 2010

beach bum

This past week was my final week in my computer design class.  I have to say I was a true beginner when it came to  Adobe Illustrator.  I am super hooked on illustrator now, I am glad I was  able to learn it, and glad I have a new tool to express myself with.  I am not a fashion design major (I am a fashion merchandising  major) and I have to admit that I am not that good at drawing by hand, so I LOOOVE Adobe Illustrator.  I will definitely be taking the advanced class next fall semester.  Above is my final project, don't know why when I changed the format to image form it turned out so blurry??
(and yes I was a little inspired by the palm tree imagery of Prada 2010)

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Kara said...

wow, good for you for making these designs in Illustrator! Maybe I had a really horrible teacher, but I could not get good at it to save my life! This is talent! :)