LA CATRINA de LA Moda: $\\deal hunting//$

May 31, 2010

$\\deal hunting//$

A.Wang inspired sunglasses $6 F21

straw hat $6 Ross
black straw hat $12.99 Nordstom Rack

distressed green-ish Alternative Apparel tee $9.99 Nordstrom Rack

grey loose shorts $12.99 Nordstrom Rack

I had time to do a little budget shopping this weekend, above is what I bought.  The Alexander Wang inspired sunnies are super cute, I actually searched the HUGE two story F21 just for these babies.  I loved them at the store, but when I got home I felt like they did not fit my face right??  Anyway, I also finally got not just one straw hat, but two.  I have never really worn a floppy straw hat before, so I am super excited to rock them both.  The tee from Nordstrom Rack is super comfy and somewhat reminded me a little of the Balmain tee with the holes.   If I am brave enough I might turn it into a DIY, and add some holes.  Lastly, my favorite buy was the super cute flowey  shorts.  They look great on, and are super comfy.  As you can tell from the picture they are very wrinkled... well that is because I loved them so much I wore them out to dinner that same day I bought them.  They looked great with a white v-neck tee, my snick wedges and my leather jacket. 

it's just the best when I find something I love on sale, its like double the joy knowing that I love it and that I saved money on it!!

tell me do you ever go budget shopping, if so where?


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...


Love this Glasses... is AMAZING <3


nuha nuha said...

love your style it's kind alike alexa chung ;)

gros bisous dear

LA said...

I want these sunnies!


emily viveur said...

sorry it took me a while to get back to you! i'm really loving how the pieces you bought look like other expensive pieces i've seen floating around. the sunnies and the shorts are lovely!
i do most of my budget shopping general, a lot of what i buy is on sale actually.

and i'm glad that i've managed to inspire someone with my nude/pastel shoes post, thanks so much for your comment :)

Kara said...

I love the sunnies! the perfect amount of edge for any outfit and I'm sure they look great on! love the hats too! nothing like a floppy hat on a warm day- it is the epitome of summer!

Thanks for the comment!! :) And I know, I actually can't believe all the cute stuff at Michael's! Half the pendants I got were on sale for $2.99 too so it was soo much better!

I am definitely a sucker for budget shopping at thrift stores. but usually only if im positive im going to find what I'm looking for there like lacy camis and blazers! :)

Zoe_Flood said...

Thankyou for your comment! it was really sweet of you! and yes! that bookstore is amazing! too bad we didnt know it was closed on weekends! we were trying to find a back issue of mirage.

anyways, wow! you got alot of great finds, those sunglasses are extremly cool, and I absolutly adore those grey shorts!

Lainey said...

Great buys! I especially love the wang glasses and grey shorts! I love Nordstrom Rack for their great deals.

Anonymous said...

Cool glasses!

Camilla said...

fab blog girl!


TheStrawberryFields said...

Ohhh those sunglasses are like a perfect match :)

Michelle Elaine said...

Nice A. Wang knocks offs! I have a pair too but mine are from Paola Loves to Shop.

I was actually stopping by cause I saw that you commented on "Zebra & Meerkat's" blog post about the sunnies! If you leave a comment over at's 100th post you could be entered to win three free sunglasses!


pea said...

great picks! hope you enjoy them... :)

I go budget shopping, occasionally, and I usually go to the downtown area of my city (cheap stores) or to a few outlet stores also available here.

Yaryy said...

padrisimos los lentes! me encantaaron..

Rosanna said...

i cant believe those sunglasses are from F21! I want them!

Diogo Sc said...

Love this Glasses, is AMAZING

gayle said...

the hats are so pretty!