May 15, 2010


I AM completely devastated!!! Let me tell  you why..
 Over the past weeks I had been considering purchasing the leopard, and black peep toe wedges above, and possibly the black suede wedge lace up boot as well.  I found these babies on sale from codihong88 on E-bay.  I had lingered, and lingered not sure  on whether to purchase or not to purchase, I loved the styles of  course, the prices are reasonable at $60-$90.  What held me back from bidding was the fact that in the past I have had bad experiences with e-bay, where the description is not accurate, then I am stuck with a cheap looking item I can't return!! Making matters worse, I sometimes struggle with my 8.5 size feet!

THEN I discovered fashion is fueled by obsession's blog  where I saw amazing images of the lovely blog's writer rocking the leopard, and black wedge booties like no other! and that was it I was SOLD!  I make my way over to codihong88's E-bay store to finally purchase... ONLY to discover that the the largest size available is an 8!!!


anyone know how I can get my hands on these babies in a size 8.5!!!
HELP me please, I would be forever grateful, and you will be my hero ;)


Ariana said...

I am so sorry((A similar thing happened to me these days:I saw great shoes in a store two months ago and when I after 6 weeks came back to buy them(I didn`t buy them at first because I found that the heels were to high) there were only size 37 and 40.Even the shop assistant looked everywhere for me,but we could not find a 38:((((

but I hope you will find them of course.good luck with that:)


Ashley said...

Bummer. There are lots of leopard print wedges out now on nastygal and solestruck. you should check them out.

Tarina Heart said...

Man that sucks! I actually have the opposite problem. My feet are tiny!

The CultureCynic said...

Story of my life. i feel your pain love....i have huge feet and same crap happens to me, which is why i just go for it. don't worry, your time will come.....keep going back, hopefully they will restock or better yet, they may present one who never knew you needed until they make 'em.

Ta Ta!

Victoire said...

the first pair is my fave. i think gmarket sells some pretty good shoes at reasonable prices. i'm not so sure if it ships outside of korea though..


Chic Therapy said...

i feel your pain!I hope you find them in the right size

Style of a Fashionista said...

I did the same thing with the Topshop clogs :( My mum always says snooze you lose which never really helps the situation.

I only know that ebayer seller that has those I have had my eye on them too. Good luck searching xoxo

isis said...

oh yeah, i love your banner. i am a fanatic of day of the dead stuff♥