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May 23, 2010

JC shopping

what I tried on.....
(above) the top 3

99 in snake


Charli- C                                                                                   99 in Fur


Mary Rocks in nude

I was able to fit in a little last minute shopping into my day on Friday when I got out of work.  I stopped by the HUGE F21 store to get some rings I saw online, I happened to find 3 super cute ones (might post later).  The next stop was Sephora, where I got a bright Cobalt-ish blue nail polish, from there I headed to the MAC store in search of an orangy/coral lip color.  I went with the Vegas Bolt, but when I got home I realized I wasn't too pleased with the way the color looked on me. My last stop was the BRAND new Nordstrom that recently opened, which by the way has a massive shoe department :)  I was surprised to see they have a great selection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, both a great thing as well as a bad thing for me. 

I was planning my next shoe purchase to be these babies, the JC Mariel wedge in leopard. However, with my very bad luck.... when I FINALLY decided to go for it and get them, they were sold out.  [NOTE: they are still available at shopnastygal for $169, and jildorshoes for $175, however I try to make $140-$150 my cut off when it comes to shoe spending]

It's not hard to believe that I loved all the JC's I tried on, but sadly I had to narrow it down to ONE.
My top three were the snick, the 99 in snake, and the Mary Rocks in nude.
the 99 in fur was a maybe (I decided I would wait on the leopard print, and keep on looking for the Mariel)
and the no's were the Charli- C Clog and the Dipper.

Let's start with the no's- I LOOOVED the Charli- C Clog in the the black.  The black was the color I originally wanted (I have the tan) so  trying on the black pair made me somewhat regret not waiting for the black (it was on back order, and I couldn't wait!) The Dipper is also a great shoe, it's very Givenchy, BUT the style did not fit me right, the toe area is too wide and open for my feet.

NOW for the Yes's- the Mary Rocks in nude is perfect for spring, and it is suuuper comfy.  The 99 in snake is adorable, and would look great worn with pretty much anything.... between these two I would go with the 99 in snake.  However, I was looking for a sandal style wedge, and had black in mind soooooo my final choice was......................tadaaaa....
the JC snick in black

it is super comfy, and I know for a fact that I will get a lot of use out of it, I am seriously in love with it!!!
(all pictures were taken with my cell phone camera @ Nordstrom except for the last one it's from

TELL me...what shoe would you have picked??


June said...

I think you made the best choice, I agree completely! those shoes are beautiful!

Fashion is a Playground said...

Wow great great great shoes, impossible to make a choice ! ;)

victoriadiazs said...

I think its a matter of taste!... I would have chosen either the Dipper or the Mary Rocks... but it's almost impossible to choose really! XD

Fashion By He said...

JC heels are fcking amaznig, you cannot go wrong with any of them, really sexy

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Anonymous said... know what's crazy? I seen them on Saturday n I told my bf I wanted I think you made the Best choice (: -andrea


Love the white ones!

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les fragments de hamm. said...

hello fellow angelino!
love those white perforated jc wedges!
great blog

isis said...

lucky!! those shoes are sweet and the fact that nordsrom's carry's all of those! awesome!! i would have picked the 99's in fur, mostly cause i've been trying to get my hands on them for a while. the wedge on snick is amazing. i'm a sucker for JC.
love your blog!

Lainey said...

Good going! That's the exact same one I would've chosen for sure!

bravegrrl said...

love them all, but the snick is perfect :)