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May 5, 2010

Lookbook to love

TopShop Spring Summer 2010 Lookbook
"Club Tropicana"

I have mentioned many times before my complete love and adoration for TOPSHOP, as well as my complaints of how there is no TOPSHOP anywhere near California.  I Just came across these images from TOPSHOP's Spring Summer "Club Tropicana" lookbook, and instantly fell in love.  I especially love the Polk-a-dot pants, the bow, and heart hosiery, the fab footwear, but above all.....  the mixture of the different style of patterns and prints which traditionally wouldn't be worn together. (the Polk-a-dot on Polk-a-dot, the Polk-a-dot with the Hawaiian print, and the three different florals)

i loooooooooooooove topshop ;)

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rouli said...

hey blogger!!!!!!!!

great job!!!

like ur posts!!!!!

i also looooooooooooooooooooove topshop!!!!!!!!

come visit me!!!!...

Ariana said...

Cool outfits..tho I am always like:will it fit my shape of body so well as the models?...Like it anyway:)

Anonymous said...

great lookbook! the best i've seen. i think it's a bit better than H&M's, this one is edgier... Love pretty much everything :=)

Lucy said...

I love it!!

Jesa said...

Agreeded i love topshop. These looks are killer!