LA CATRINA de LA Moda: quick outfits.

May 5, 2010

quick outfits.

Monday                                                Tuesday
something I just noticed.... I always dress nicer the second half of the week ...that would be wednesday-ish through Sunday.  In other words my Monday and Tuesday outfits are me always blah!  above are pictures of recent outfits, In picture 1 (Monday) I came home from work, looked in the mirror and realized I hated what I was wearing.  I immediately changed into my green Metropark skirt, grey American Apparel tank,  and I was eager to wear the socks I bought over the weekend with sandals.... all this and where did I go??? absolutely NO WHERE ahah.  Yes I ended up staying home studying and working on HW all afternoon.  Picture 2 (Tuesday) I was running late for work but was eager to wear my new bell-bottom-ish jeans (although you really can't tell they are bell bottomed in the picture) so I just threw on a VERY old tee from UO and my clogs.  Better pictures soon I promise.
Ps. I need a photographer .

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Ariana said...

your jeans look great;)I hope for you to find a photographer,because I have the same problem:P

elvia said...

Love those jeans, the outfit for Tuesday is awesome.. love it.. :-)

Neekoh said...

I love your jeans with the tee. It's perfect LA style: low fuss, but still hot.

Live Love LA