LA CATRINA de LA Moda: breezy

Jun 15, 2010


What I wore
Breezy Glam

Polk-a-dot tee AGAIN! Gray "flowey" shorts AGAIN! can't help it I LOVE these pieces!
by far this has to be one of my favorite Spring/Summer looks to wear this year, it's just so comfy, fresh, effortless, and PERFECT! for those hot summer days of doing a whole "lotta" nothing ;)

P.S  what are you guys listening too??  I have never been a mainstream music only kind of gal, but lately all I have been listening too is mainstream hip hop!! (aside from La Roux, Chromeo, Phoenix, and Lykke Li) all I have been listening too is the radio and let me tell you I am getting tierd of "Tooting & Booting" it, and of "doing the Dougie" ;)  (spell check pls)  I am pretty sure it might be an LA thing, those of you not in Southern Cali might not have a clue what I am talking about .... but the point is please  fill me on on what you are listening to, thanks bunches :):)

Tee de Bolitas OTRA VEZ! pantalones cortos de color gris OTRA VEZ!
No puedo evitarlo Me encantan estas piezas!
este "outfit" tiene que ser uno de mis favoritos de esta primavera y verano este año, es tan cómodo, fresco y sin esfuerzo, y PERFECTO! para los días calurosos de verano de hacer nada ;)

H&M tee/camiseta
NORDSTROM RACK shorts/pantalones cortos
STEVE MADDEN sandals/sandalias
F21 bag/bolso
SPITFIRE sunglasses via METROPARK USA/gafas de sol
F21 & E-BAY chunky rings (here)/anillos

aRi <3


rouli said...

amazin and comfy look!!!!!!

love ur top and sunnies so much:))

pls keep visitin!!!!!!

(ah!!!my wedges are from zara!!!)


CC said...

Love the Tee! So adorable. :)

ellinelle said... look great and I always wear my items AGAIN AND AGAIN : ) Where is the point have something and love it but keep in the wardrobe ; ) right !

have a great day ; )
Ellinelle xxx

Kwil said...

The polka dot top is really fabulous. The whole outfit not only looks cool and fun, but comfy too!!

Nemerae said...

Pues si te encantan, póntelas todas las veces q quieras! jeje.
Están muy chulas la verdad! =)

Anonymous said...

-i love the outfit, you sortof look like alexa chung. well, you remind me of her. ahah,
cute blog,

thalia. said...

im loving all this styling your doing with this skirt !! looks great xx

Anonymous said...

-i love the pictures and the nails(:

Kara said...

Hey girl! I am definitely a big fan of the polka dot oversized tee so this look is still a winner with me! ;)
And thanks for giving me some feedback on your clogs! I totally scoured a whole bunch of blogs like a creep looking for reviews and opinions on the charli clogs, so hearing what other girls are saying helps a lot!
And about the i'm pretty much totally sold. Like, you know its bad when you're even dreaming about shoes you want in your sleep hahaha. Seriously, you make them look so stylish it makes me feel like I need them! But if you don't mind, I have a quick question... for sizing are they true to fit? I'm a size 8 but my Charli clogs are a 39. Friggin European sizes have totally screwed me up because sometimes 39 is a US 8 and sometimes its a US 9. If you don't mind, let me know how the sizing is because I would appreciate the help!! Thanks girl! :)
P.S. I'm so sold on the tan Snicks! I figure my clogs are black so I'll switch it up! ;) xo

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Cute! THe best thing is wearing over and over your best items in your Closet. You wear what you love.! I listen to ALLOT of HIP HOP, RAP! Can't get enough and with my Satelite Radio no commerials even better. i am loving alot La Roux, California Girls-Katy Perry,Snoop Dog.
P.S. have you tried the Google Page Translator? It's a Gadget and anyone can choose their Language and it will translate your entire Blog :) Have a lovely Day!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Lovely polka dot tee and love your sunnies!:)SarahD

Michelle Elaine said...

I want to see a close up of your rings!! I also love how your tops are the right amount of billowy - I need more shirts like this in my wardrobe.


To Vogue or Bust said...

Where did you get the shorts from? I'm desparate for a comfy flowy pair like that, they're awesome cause you can dress them up and down easily.

Jony said...

Love the polka dot tee looks beautiful on you!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful my dear! Love how simplistic and chic it is, perfect for summer.


libys11 said...

that top is rather adorable!!!! i love the retro vibe from the dotted pattern!! :D looking so chic, dear! :D

Animated Confessions

Yaryy said...

im loving this top beauty!

alyssa said...

ah i have the same top! i love this outfit! so comfy!

Bridget said...

great shirt!

Anonymous said...

LOVELY polka tee!! love it and i have a similar one haha :D it's vero moda.