LA CATRINA de LA Moda: disapointMENT

Jun 23, 2010


Finally got my Mariel Wedges from, BUT I am super disappointed.  I love the shoes, they look even better in person, BUT it turns out they run super small.  I ordered a size 8.5, well it fits like a 7.5, and trust me I am not kidding, nor exaggerating.  Now have to pack them back up, send them back, and play the waiting game again!

Finalmente conseguí mis Zapatos Mariel de, PERO Estoy super decepcionado. Me encantan los zapatos, se ven aún mejor en persona, pero resulta que corren super pequeños. Pedí un tamaño de 8,5, pero me quedo  como un 7,5, y no estoy bromeando ni exagerando. Ahora tengo envíar los de vuelta, y jugar el juego de la espera de nuevo!


Ivy said...

Aw, I'm sorry they were too small on you :( Mine were a bit tight but after a couple of wears, they've stretched out to perfection. Hope the bigger ones fit you better! :)

To Vogue or Bust said...

Hmmm well if you would maybe consider selling them, I'm a 7/7.5. You probably just want to exchange them for another size but always an option in case you're interested!

Love Alexandra

Charlene said...

My god they are gorgeous! I would be so fed up if i loved them but they were in wrong size!

ellinelle said...

..awww , sorry for that but just change them and it will be ok : ) but I do understand the feeling 'I wanna wear those shoes now ' ..I love to check interner shops etc but to be honest it's better to buy from real shops , for me for sure , because I like things to touch and feel before buying them ..I don't know maybe it's wierd : )))
last time I get something from USA and I paid sooo much in tax , I was in SHOCK !!! well , I just didn't know You need to pay tax etc ...oooh ..
..But your shoes are gorgeous and I can't wait to see them on your feet , shop please change them quick : )

Ellinelle xxx

Kara said...

aww that totally sucks that the sizing is small!! Grrr :( those are too gorgeous a pair of shoes to be waiting to wear!
good luck sending them back! can't wait to see them when you get the right size! :)

Michelle Elaine said...

wow seriously? bummer :( maybe you could complain and they'll get it to you faster? or throw in a goodie?


kim said...

that sucks, hopefully you get the bigger ones soon. can't wait to see what you wear with them :)

clothes are cute
clothes are cute said...

I know the feeling. I just got my slingback wooden platform and the 2are extra small. I order an 8 and now going with a 10.
So thanks for the tip because the Mariel Wedges was going to be my next purchase..

cody said...

they're nice.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! <3

Ife' said...

bummer! I keep eying those shoes and debating about buying them. Can't wait to see how you style them.

~Eboni Ife

Anonymous said...

i had that awfull problem too :( but i sent them back and now i cant stop wearing them
xoxo Gabiii

Style, She Wrote said...

That totally sucks! I wanted to buy those wedges actually. Good to know the sizing is off before I buy! Hope the exchange does smoothly!

Anonymous said...

You poor darling! How awful. I was so depressed when it happened to me, with Topshop boots last spring! Especially when your so looking forward to them arriving. Ugh. Such a let down!

They are amazing though. Cannot wait until you get the right size so I can see all the incredible looks your going to combine them with!



Dallas Shaw said...

great shoes

elke said...

great post!
nice blog also (:

stop by mine sometime?

Lainey said...

Ooh, that always sucks. That's why I don't usually order shoes online because I always get disappointed. Well, I'm sure you'll get the right ones soon, and all will be :)

rosy_hues said...

aww, that really sucks!
My cheetah mariels arrived a few weeks ago...but before I ordered them, I thought really hard (actually, a month of obsessing haha) and asked a lot of bloggers who bought the mariels before I jumped in and ordered half a size up. I'm glad I did size up! I usually buy a size 6 in JCs. However, I think ordering a full size up would have been a bit bigger than I'd like but absolutely better than it being small. I'm lucky the 6.5's were just perfect!
Hope you get the right size soon! =)

Sarah Dee said...

oh thats too bad! There so cute!!


Anonymous said...

I was going to buy a jeffrey campbell(karmaloop) shoes but the only size was 8.5 but now that you mentioned that 8.5 is actually 7.5, I won't buy it. Thanks.

ari said...

UPDATE: thanks to all, you guys (gals) ;) are sooo sweeet!

I returned them and called customer service, turned out I had to pay over $12 shipping, when I did northing worng, all I did was order my normal size. I told the customer serv. assc. that the shoe was so small on me it seemed there might have been a labeling or sizing mistake, he said the merch. dep, and everyone at the office d]tried it on and agreed that the sizing is true to size! WTF! I have never been a 9.5 in my life!!

Alexandra: thanks, but yes I already sent them back! :(

GABII: thanks, that gives me some hope :)

Rosy: that is soo good that you did your research brefore! I am so glad they worked for you, as for me I am worried that the pair I got was sized wrong, and that's the reason it was sooo short in length, and now when I rec. a size up it's going to be to big! OH! well all I can do now is wait!

DENI: I am sorry about that, I am not sure if it was just the sizing on the shoe I got, or on the whole style, as soon as I get the size up, I will let you know!

thanks girls you are the best!! :)
IVY: thanks hun, I had to go with a whole size bigger, it was mostly the length that was very short!