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Jun 16, 2010

|| The Fitting Room ||

H&M Trend
South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa

shorts $14.99                                                     shorts $34.99

Not a very successful shopping trip this past Sunday.  The mission was to find bottoms, preferably army green khaki shorts, floral tap shorts, harem/ sweat pants, cargo pants, and tapered khaki trousers. Well, I had no such  luck.  I found the most amazing pair of army green skinny cargos at Mango, BUT they did not have my size.  At the H&M trend I really liked the pink/peach tap shorts above, but again they did not have my size, the pair I tried on was one size to big!  I have to admit that I recently lost a couple of pounds and ever since I find it extremely difficult to find bottoms in my size. I guess I went down to a very common size.

and I went home with... NOTHING!
Can you believe it, I sure can't.  I have to admit it's the first time I set foot in an H&M and leave with nothing.  At South Coast Plaza the H&M Trend and H&M Divided are two different stores.  The catch is that to get to get to the H&M divided you have to walk through a bridge to get to the other shopping area where the Divided store is at.  We ended up taking the wrong bridge and ended up walking through a park.  It was a nice and pleasant walk, however by the time we managed to get back to the mall, the stores had closed.  I guess I saved myself from spending money... which I ended up using today to buy some AMAZING new shoes.  I just placed my order for the beloved JC Mariel wedge in leopard, yes the shoes I had been drooling over for some time now! I will share pictures as soon as my babies arrive ;)

outfit post coming next ;)

No fue un viaje de compras con mucho éxito el pasado domingo. La misión era encontrar pantalones, de preferencia pantalones cortos verdes del de color caqui, pantalones cortos florales,  pantalones estilo "cargo", y "sweat pants al estlo harem". Bueno, no tube tanta suerte.  Encontre un par de pantalones estilo del ejército verde cargos en la tienda Mango, pero no tenian mi talla. En el H & M Trend me gustó mucho el "short" color rosa, pero una vez más no tenían mi talla. Tengo que admitir que acabo de perder un par de libras y desde entonces me resulta muy difícil encontrar pantalones de mi talla. Supongo que baje una talla a una talla muy común.
y volví a casa con ... NADA!
¿Puedes creer, yo no. Tengo que admitir que es la primera vez que puse un pie en un H & M y regrese a mi casa con nada. En South Coast Plaza de H & M Trend y H & M Divididos son dos tiendas diferentes. El problema es que para conseguir llegar a la H & M Divided, tiene que caminar a través de un puente para llegar a la zona comercial donde está la tienda Divided. Tomamos el puente mal y terminamos caminando por un parque. Fue un paseo agradable, sin embargo cuando nos la arreglamos para regresar al centro comercial, las tiendas habían cerrado. Creo que me salvé de gastar dinero ... que acabé utilizando hoy para comprar unos magníficos zapatos nuevos que son los JC Mariel en leopardo, sí los zapatos que había estado babeando por algún tiempo! ;) Voy a compartir imágenes tan pronto como mis bebés llegen;)



I love the shorts - you should have got them, so cute! Maybe another branch will have your size :)
You have real pretty hair :) x

Catita said...

oh my god! i bought the shorts on the right but without trying them and they are kinda small so i will have to return them! too bad, I guess we have million of shorts anyway and can do without...or maybe not!

lamia said...

at least I like you pink blouse!!!

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CreatingRachel said...

I'm on a mission to find shorts this summer too, but I'm having the worst trouble finding a pair I like! Lol maybe this will just have to be a skirt summer.

fashionjunkie said...

Very nice pictures, you look so pretty! I love the shade of the blouse you're wearing, it really suits you. I hate it when you set out to look for something and come home with nothing, it's so frustrating!

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Grrrr that's happening to me too all my clothes is big and droppy on me! Cute can't wait to check out those LEOPARD Style Wedges cute.cute.congrats :) :)

Michelle Elaine said...

you have a great eye for shorts


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

OMG... love this clothes!! <3

great colores!

alyssa said...

hey! i've been there! i don't like how it's two different stores because usually i don't even step foot in the one inside the mall.

ugh i get so annoyed when i go shopping and walk out with nothing! especially when i have certain things in mind that i want to buy.

Kara said...

I can't believe you didn't get anything at H&M! That's like sacrilegious haha. That mall sounds totally confusing, I don't blame you for getting lost! Just means you're going to have to go back again soon! ;)
Ooh and I am totally wearing that black/grey/white tulip skirt that was in your change room! Kind of bugs me that its now $20 since I'm pretty sure I paid $50 for it!! lol dang!


Tinja said...

i like the peach looks, great color for summer

Ife' said...

Seriously??? I wish I could get and out of H&M without buying anything! Yeah right!

Love the first pair of shorts for what it's worth!

~ Eboni Ife'

Anonymous said...

loove thee pink shorts, you should have got them