LA CATRINA de LA Moda: || the fitting room ||

Jun 27, 2010

|| the fitting room ||

H&M Divided
Costa Mesa
South Coast Plaza

 floral waist tie dress $12.99
sheer button down $10.00
print skirts $17.99 each
graphic print L/S body-con dress $24.99

I went back to Costa Mesa, and this time I found the right bridge in order to get to the other H&M (divided) store.   I came home with everything pictured above except the bright pink skirt.  I have to admit that these purchases were a spur of the moment type.  I loved them in the fitting room, but when I got home I realized I did not get anything with much color, and I still need shorts!  I was happy about finding the sheer black button down I tried on a couple of weeks ago on my first Fitting Room post  (HERE) because now it was on sale for ten dollars.  What is your current "need" item for Summer?

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Volví a Costa Mesa, y esta vez encontre el puente para llegar a la otra  tienda de H & M (dividido). Volví a casa con todo lo que esta en las fotos de arriba, excepto la falda de color rosa brillante.   Cuando llegué a casa me di cuenta de que no consigui nada con mucho color, y yo todavía necesito pantalones cortos! Pero estoy feliz de encontrar la camisa negra que me probé hace un par de semanas en mi primer post de Fitting Room (AQUI), porque ahora estaba a la venta por diez dólares. ¿Que es lo que estas "necesitando" para el verano?
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Jony said...

Love everything!!!

Anonymous said...

nice picks! i love the graphic dress, the last one you show, but it's so body hugging i couldn't wear it :( but it's great on you :)

Kara said...

Wow that is so awesome that a lot of what you got was marked down!! i am in love with the sheer black shirt...definitely one of my current needs ;)

Now I really want to go to H&M...haha dangit!!


Ife' said...

I absolutely LOVE everything you bought! especially the two dresses, and the sheer shirt! the sheer shirt is an absolute must have and the dresses are just HOT!

I can't wait to enter your giveaway :) I have one going on over at my blog to. If you have entered it already, please do!

Eboni Ife'
The Fashionista Next Door"

Sha Smith said...
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Sha Smith said...

Everything is lovely.. I myself got the sheer blouse and dress..

Michelle Elaine said...

Ahhh I need to go to your H&M cause I never find anything like this at mine.


kim said...

love the long sleeve dress, super cute on you :)

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

Yaary said...

me encanto todo! pero ese ultimo vestido y las faldas estampadas estan para morir por ellas!

Highdee said...

i really don't like the H&M fitting room but you make it seem so cool and spacey and beautiful. love the dress on you, i bought the sheer top for 10 bucks a few weeks ago. haha!

Ariana said...

I`ve seen your dress on one of the famous models a few eeks ago...i cannot remember her name..rosie huntington-whiteley is it;)


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

lovely Clothes!! <3

Fatima A. said...

Your outfits are great!

blow8 said...

aw that's so sweet of you to say, love this post, you're ridiculously pretty, this look is fab babe.

Emilie said...

Love the print skirts!

Neekoh said...

Great buys! I was scrolling down, hoping to see that you got everything :)
The sheer button-down is so perfect for summer, too. It's got the flowy, airy nature but it doesn't look too girly! And for $10?? Who could resist?


Lainey said...

I tried on that sheer black top too! I'm probably going to go back and get it. It's pretty amazing on.

Fabulously Lazy said...

I was totally looking at that graphic dress as well! It looks great on you!