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Jun 7, 2010

what I wore

what I wore:

I have been in search of the perfect spring and summer romper.  I did find one or two that took my breath away, however I came across them on a day when I was extremely broke :(
So today I sit here and I am still in search of that perfect  romper, for now I paired this old H&M ruffle blouse tucked into my high waist "flowey" shorts to get the illusion of a romper.

isn't that what fashion is about.... making "it work" with what you have ;)

Also I want to thank all the readers that have taken the time to read, comment and follow my blog.  I appreciate every single comment and I am being honest when saying that they make my day :)
thanks soooo much for stopping by and showing some love ;)

URBAN OUTFITTERS jacket (on sale for $29.99!!)
H&M ruffle blouse (old)
TOYS & KANDY shorts
GUCCI sunglasses


The Allure House said...

Cute outfit!
Love the wedges :)

I'm following your blog. Follow me dear?
Kisses from Portugal,

{ I V Y } said...

omggg the shoes and blazer - so amazing!

{ I V Y } said...

i'm following btw !

rouli said...

amazing look!!!!!!!!

love ur shoes!!!!!!

great blog u have!!!!!!!!lovely outfit posts!

pls come visit and join!!!!!!


Charlene said...

You look great. Love yor shoes and necklaces

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes!
I like your style - these shorts and blazers - totally cute ! x

Kara said...

This make-shift romper is great! I honestly thought it was a romper until I read your post and then I had to do a double take! Either way it looks great!!
Awesome jacket for such a steal too!! :)

kirstyb said...

so following your blog and this outfit is perfect xxx

Michelle Elaine said...

<3Jeffrey Campbells! I've been on the hunt for a couple rompers myself, but the ones I like are each 60+ and I can't convince myself that it's worth it.


kendall k. said...

What a great outfit! The clogs are adorable, and yes, I totally is all about making it work with what you have.

Great blog,

Anonymous said...

♥cute blog ♥

ibets said...

How can I not follow your awesome blog!
Love ya aRi!!!

Jony said...

Beautiful outfit, you have a great style!!!

Ashley said...

I *love* your shoes, oh they are absolutely perfect! And your blazer too! Great look :)


alyssa said...

at first i really did think this was a romper! good job! love those shoes also!
x. alyssa

Adele said...

Wow look at those wedges!
- Adele

stylestalker said...

Oh the shoes again! LOVE LOVE LOVE


LUU H. said...

ohmy, the jeffrey campell shoes <3 i waaaaant them ._.

Anonymous said...

cute outfit! love your clutch!


Catita said...

those shoes are to die for hon!xoxo

fashionjunkie said...

I love your make-shift romper, very cute and creative! Amazing wedges, too!

Taj Acosta said...

What a great blog you have!! So glad I found you doll! Love that you took something from your closet and tranformed it into a "now" piece! So glam! xoxo

sharonlei said...

Just came across your blog. :) Lovin' this outfit. I haven't seen the JC Snick's in black.. me likey!! I have them in tan.. aren't they the comfiest ever!?

xx Love & Aloha
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Hippie Frou Frou said...

fabulous jacket, diggin the unique details

jess s//

biscuit said...

Love your outfit! :) Looks fab!

Check out

I'm part of their street team too, and you can get 20% off when you type in 'braithwaite' at the checkout!

Natasha said...

Such cute shoes...and I would have never guessed that wasn't a good job!! I'm also on the search for the perfect one...I think I'll just have to make it though because I'm too picky
I love how you accessorized this outfit!