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Jun 16, 2010

What Is Beauty?

What is Beauty?

The lovely Samantha at Love and Inspire Universally Blog conducted a "mini" interview about my concept on beauty.  She asked me three questions on what I think "beauty" is.  This interview honestly made me think about something I haven't thought about in a while   ... what is beauty?
How would you define beauty?
"Beauty exists in an infinite number of forms and ways, it's impossible to pinpoint one definition of beauty. For me, beauty is and should be natural, and by this I mean it should come naturally to an individual, and not be forced. I am a true believer that every individual should be true to who they are. When beauty is forced, it's obvious. I love it when I see a girl just being herself, comfortable with who she is, and comfortable expressing her personal style, to me that is beauty." - ari

to see the rest of the interview click HERE
and thanks to the wonderful Samantha at love and inspire universally blog ;)

La encantadora Samantha  de el blog love and inspire universally llevó a cabo una "mini" entrevista acerca de mi concepto de la belleza. Ella me planteó tres preguntas sobre lo que yo pienso que la "belleza" es. Esta entrevista con honestidad me hizo pensar de algo en que no  e pensado en bastante tiempo ... qué es la belleza?

¿Cómo definiría usted la belleza?

"La belleza existe en un número infinito de formas y maneras, es imposible precisar una definición de la belleza. Para mí, la belleza es y debe ser natural, y con esto quiero decir que debe venir naturalmente a un individuo, y no ser forzoso. Soy un verdadero creyente que toda persona debe ser fiel a lo que son. Cuando la belleza se ve obligada, es obvio. Me encanta cuando veo a una chica sólo ser ella misma, cómoda con quién es, y cómoda de expresar su estilo personal, para mí eso es la belleza."- ari

para ver el resto de la entrevista haga clic AQUI (en español)
Y gracias a la maravillosa Samantha de love and inspire universally blog ;)

ari ;*


knk said...

lovely interview dear

rouli said...

cool interview!!!!!!!!

thanx for visitin!

keep in touch:))


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Lovely interview my dear :)*

Anonymous said...

Great interview!

Kara said...

That's such a good interview girl! :) Totally agree with your idea of beauty...i think everyone is beautiful but when someone is trying to hard or not being true to themselves, that beauty is lost!

Ooh ooh! Thank you for your advice on the Snicks!! It was honestly so helpful! I am an 8 closer to a 7.5 than an 8.5. I found a measurement of the insole of the 8 and it is the same length of my favourite wedges at home so I'd probably go with the 8. I checked out karmaloop and they only have 9's left in the tan :( I also hate the sizing because Canada has both US and European sizing and a 39 EU is an 8 US. Frig! haha but i emailed the company and they suggested a size 39 so fingers crossed!
And thanks for telling me about because i just found it yesterday too and the online coupons are insane!! sooo using that from now on!!!
Thanks for all your help and comments girl, I really appreciate it!! :)

My Republic of Fashion said...

I like your definition of beauty.:)SarahD

Michelle Elaine said...

great interview dvrling ;)


The Petite Blogger said...

love ur concept of natural beauty!!! uve got such a nice blog and love ur style girl! will def come back visit!

xoxo jenna

libys11 said...

i agree.. beauty is natural and should be coming from within, not just with outside appearance! :D

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