LA CATRINA de LA Moda: double take

Jul 28, 2010

double take

JUST a THOUGHT :: You may have noticed that my outfit posts sometimes feature many items  that I tend to wear over and over.  FACT: if I am in love with an item I will wear it over, and OVER until I (and you guys) get sick of it.  I have decided to add a little twist to my future outfit posts.  From now on, if possible I will try to feature one item worn at least two different ways, instead of boring you guys with a bunch of outfit post featuring the same item.  I always do most  of my thinking when I am in the shower, or when I am driving, in this case I was driving when I had a tadaa moment.  I,  like many other fashionistas out there cannot afford to buy an item and only wear it once, that is not the way my closet works.  So,  I figured that from now on I can show through my outfit posts how I try to maximize my not so extensive closet.  In a dream world I would have a closet filled with an endless amount of goodies, never having to repeat my outfits, buuuuuuuut I don't. So here it  goes.... my small and modest closet can also put up a good fight, that's what fashion is all about right, showcasing your style with what you have to work with! Hope you guys like the new little "twist" any thoughts on the idea?......okay now back to the outfit post ;)

 pueden haber notado que mis "outfits" a veces disponen de muchos artículos que uso una y otra vez. HECHO: si estoy enamorada de una cosa en particular me la pongo una, y otra vez hasta que yo (y ustedes) se enferman de ella.  He decidido añadir un pequeño giro a mis posts de "outfit". A partir de ahora, si es posible voy a tratar de hacer lost post que tengan por lo menos dos differentes looks con un mismo articulo. En lugar de aburrir los  con un montón de "post"  con el mismo artículo. Siempre hago la mayor parte de mis pensamiento cuando estoy banandome, o cuando estoy manejando, en este caso yo estaba conduciendo cuando tuve un momento de "tadaa". Yo, como muchas otros aficionadas a la moda  no pueden permitirse el lujo de comprar un artículo y sólo  usar lo una  sola vez, asi no es como funciona mi armario. Entonces, me imaginé que a partir de ahora puedo mostrar cómo trato de maximizar mi armario que no es tan extenso. En un mundo ideal yo tendría un armario lleno de un sinfín de cosas,  para no tener que repetir mis looks, peeero no es asi. Así que aquí va .... mi armario pequeño y modesto también puede poner una buena pelea, eso es de lo que se trata la moda o no? De mostrar tu estilo con lo que tiene que tienes! Espero que les guste el nuevo pequeño "giro" cualquier pensamiento o idea ?......

what I wore
double take

G-STAGE blouse/blusa
NORDSTROM RACK tap shorts/pantalones cortos
F21 sunglasses/gafas
ALDO purse/bolso
WATCHES: nordstrom + boyfriend/reloj
heart ring: F21/anillo

take two

G-STAGE blouse/blusa
URBAN OUTFITTERS jeans/pantalones
JEFFREY CAMPBELL "snick" wedge/zapatos
F21 necklace/collar
ALDO purse/bolso

any thoughts on the new "twist" on the outfit posts??


Mila said...

Wow,you have great style.Love every single piece :)

Zanah said...

I wish I can bare my legs here in Scotland but it's so bloody cold here !!!

minnja said...

Lovely outfit:))))

LOVE minnja

My Republic of Fashion said...

Love those outfits. That top is gorgeous. Great rings also!:)SarahD

Romance Is Boring said...

love these outfits! I think I'd give anything to own a pair of JC's..
you have such an amazing blog :)


Deanna said...

i love both outfits! this new twist section is great!
i really like that aldo purse.

Fashionversation said...

These outfits are great. You look awesome and I love that Aldo bag(super chic).

simplyhope said...

I really love the double take idea! Keep doing it! LOVE both outfits:) And might I say your accesories are AWESOME:)

Style_Pursuit said...

Well, we're not like Victoria Beckham who can afford wearing everything just once, actually I even can't imagine doing so, since I always buy items that I truly love and want to wear them over and over again! :o)
Your top is amazing!


Fashion is a Playground said...

Stylish outfits! :)

GabiiParssoons said...

that top its gorgeoooooooooooooooooooooooouuuussss!!!!!!! im so jelaous i want it for me!!! i love the second outfit, and love how the colour of the blouse goes with the colour of your tan colour clogs

F Blog said...

i love both of these outfits. and no worries if you wear the same things, everyoneee does it! xx

Alexandra G. said...

Love the shirt, and love you remixed it. I think 90% of the fashion community is with you in terms of having to rewear things...I do it especially when I get something new that I love. Two pieces I bought this weekend have already been worn twice since Saturday and it's...Wednesday? Kind of sick haha..but that's the nature of fashion! Creativity in making old things new, and as someone who's read your blog for awhile, I know you definitely do an amazing job of that!

Love Alexandra

Lainey said...

I like it both ways! And I really like that bucket bag. Can't believe it's from Aldo.


Awesome. LOVE it both ways.
Glad I found your blog, it rocks. New follower!

PS. Stop by and enter my Marc Jacobs giveaway .

Crystal said...

Oooh thank you so much for checking out my blog, oh and I especially love your clogs in your first set of pics.

sea of fashion said...

looks awesome on you :) following you now. follow me back? :p

Asta said...

Very, very cool! And hose clogs are fantastic!

Isquisofrenia said...

oh comeon i will never get bored of the same item of clothing
i think its awesome, its real you know. like all of us wish we can have a closet full of clothes but we dont
and actually i think you have lots of amazing pieces.
the top goes so good with shorts and jeans

Anonymous said...

I think that you should wear your clothes more than once, I mean you buy what you love! Of course you want to wear your favourite tee/pants/shoes, why else would it be your favourite? :) My closet works this way too, but I'm not showing all my outfits, 'cause sometimes in the morning I have to rush to work and don't have time to think of the perfect outfit, I just throw something on.

I think you have a good idea with double take posts, it gives ideas how to combine my favourites on different ways so I can wear my favourites without boring everyone (and myself) :D

Anonymous said...

loving the clogs! :)

ediot said...

love the neW twist. and i gotta say looove the second outfit. its so nice. and all your jewelry in the first outfit post - well let me say i want it all!!

ARA said...

love the outfits. The top has a really nice print and the bag is fabulous.xx