what I bought
"new goodies"
F21 necklaces

lowluv x erin wasson ring that I won on blackcoffeecrumbs's giveaway, thank you!! :)

I could not say no to these .95 cent socks F21

H&M sandals on sale for $10

Aldo purse, H&M divided black maxi skirt

the beauty buys

Fekkai hair mask- I need an urgent hair revival, my hair is fried
Chanel liquid foundation- can't live without it, I was not blessed with nice skin
Rimmel grey/brown nail polish- super excited to try this color on!
Ulta purple nail polish- I ordered this online, I  thought I was ordering a lavender shade :(
Loreal mascara- have been using this one since high school... such a long time ago
eyebrow gel + pencil - give the bold eyebrow look a try

ooopsie, I was supposed to be saving my  money...oh well ;)
xoxo ari

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lamia said…
Great purchases!! love the sandals and the bag!!
Carina said…
love your f21 necklaces I wish there were Forever 21 shops in the uk :(
GabiiParssoons said…
i love everything that you bought, specially the ALDO bag and the H&M sandals...
you should do a closet post, i would really love that, like a sneak peek of how your closet is and stuff...

cant wait to see how you rock your new goodies
Kara said…
Oh my gosh, I am loving that Aldo bag!! Can't wait to see the H&M maxi skirt on you too!! Great necklaces as well!!
Let me just say, you have very good luck with awesome finds! lol

have a great weekend babe!!
*rachelwears said…
wow that blue cross is actually amazing! i want it!
Ife' said…
Oooh la la! I want that cross!

Your H&M always has completely different stuff from mine in Torrance. I was just there last Monday and they definitely didn't have those sandals! They are SUPER cute!

Eboni Ife'
The Fashionista Next Door
Chandler said…
Look at all of the goodies you have. I need those nail polish colors! Plus I want to let you know that I plan on naming my future child Ari... but don't worry i'm not pregnant, I'm just saying in the wayyyyyy future (:

xoxo Kellz* said…
love all of these n ten bux for a sandal wowwwwww love h&m
agata said…
those socks are supercute!
simplyhope said…
Lovin all these new items! Gaawwd the necklaces are so cool:)
STARR said…
Pretty jewelry! I want to try that hair mask too.
Alexandra G. said…
I have the same Rimmel nail polish, you'll love it I wear it obsessively!

Love Alexandra
t said…
Sweet haul! Love that ring!
Anonymous said…
Great purchases! I was almost buying the sandals, but hesitated.. I wasn't sure if they will be comfortable in use. But they're still looking cool!
Josh Healy said…
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Anna Katrina said…
adorable finds! im loving the bag

stop by sometime <3
Wendy said…
Whoa, these are great buys :)
And the Lowluv ring is GORGEOUS.
Can't wait for you to try on the RIMMEL nail polish either, in fact, all of them stuff :D

ediot said…
hi darling. sweet blog. i love shopping--
and that is one nice ring you won at the giveaway- green with envy ;)
kim said…
love those necklaces!

p.s. I got my deena & ozzy heels from the UO site awhile ago

clothes are cute
clothes are cute
sharonlei said…
Ari!!! I totally love those necklaces from F21. I was just telling myself that I need to take a break from that store, but I think I'll need to take a trip there soon. Ha ha. I also love your new purse. The bucket shape is fabulous and the weave reminds me of a Bottega Veneta bag. ;)

I'm supposed to be saving money as well, but my birthday is coming up and I always buy myself something fun! This year as you know, it's my JC Mariels!! I can't wait to wear them... and I love your leopard print ones... fun fun!

xx Love & Aloha

OH I see you're living in LA.. my BFF just spent last weekend there (north hollywood)... I haven't been to LA for soooo long! I hope to visit there soon. ;)
Ivy said…
How much was that maxi skirt?
Ivy said…
How much was the maxi skirt??
Jessica said…
I've been using that mascara since before I could remember! I live by it
Anonymous said…
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