LA CATRINA de LA Moda: test run

Jul 16, 2010

test run

JC clogs
the "test"

I love my JC Carli-C clogs, but they are not nice to me feet.  I kept reading online reviews stating that the JC Charli-C clogs are the comfiest shoes ever.  I wondered how that could possibly be, because my pair killed my toes.  So after long thought, I figured out why my clogs were not "comfy".  Turns out I have  very narrow feet, making the clogs fit  loose on my feet (width wise).  When standing and walking for long periods of time the shoe fit so loose on my foot that there was no support to hold my foot in place.  My feet would slide forward and the top of my toes would end up rubbing against the front of the shoe, this was extremely painful.  THE SOLUTION: I added padding to the inside of the clog on the very front of the opening (I used moleskin stick padding).  The padding made the clogs fit "snugger", and prevented my feet from sliding forward. yay! Now I can wear my clogs more often, and for longer periods of time. :) 
Took this picture with my camera phone at work,  "testing"  the clogs out :) [Metro park tee, H&M skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Clogs] <3 ari

Amo mis  zuecos Carli-C de JC, pero no son buenos para mis pies. Seguí leyendo comentarios en la internet que indican que los zuecos JC Charli-C son los zapatos mas comodos del mundo. Me preguntaba cómo podía ser, porque el par que yo tengo me mató los pies. Así que después de una larga reflexión, me di cuenta de por qué mis zuecos no son "cómodos". Resulta que tengo los pies muy delgaditos. Al estar de pie y caminar por largos períodos de tiempo que el zapato esta tan suelto en el pie que no tiene apoyo para mantener se en su lugar. Mis pies se resvalan hacia delante y la parte superior de los pies acabaría topando contra el frente del zapato, esto fue muy doloroso. LA SOLUCIÓN: He añadido el relleno en el interior de de la apertura (he usado "moleskin"). El relleno se pega en la parte interior del zapato y esta acoginada, esto impidió que mis pies se resvalaran hacia delante. yay! Ahora puedo usar mis zuecos con más frecuencia y por períodos más largos de tiempo. :)

Tome esta imagen con mi teléfono en mi trabajo:) [camistea Metropark, falda H&M, Zuecos Jeffrey Campbell ] <3 ari


Lady Marmalade said...

I love everything here. You have such great style, love your blog!

Lainey said...

That's really good to hear. I can't wait to get my JC clogs.

rosy_hues said...

i have medium width feet and i experienced a similar problem with my charli's. its generally comfy except it rubs the top of my toes. solved it by buying those toe pads and wearing it wrong side up, i.e., with the pad on top of my toes instead

Lin_me said...

I find them comfy, but like you, I also have narrow feet. I have only purchased them recently so haven't worn them in yet, but thanks for the tip. I'll be getting some innersoles.

Kara said...

Wow you must have super narrow feet because mine are also pretty narrow and my JC clogs are great!

How are your feet holding up after the initial wear? :) Can't deny they look amazing on even if they hurt a little! ;)


Tinja said...

Smart girl! Glad you found a way to wear them :)