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Jul 15, 2010

what I bought

what I bought
curerent summer obsessions

hat and ring from The Fashion Playground Boutique, yellow nail polish from (on sale for $2!!!), aviators from F21, Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Cheetah fur wedge. 
These are my current "buys" and obsessions, I am still waiting for a pair of UO suede lace up flat sandals (these) that I had to send back for an exchange.  I have not worn the Mariels out yet, I have to admit that I am a bit nervous about the "comfort" factor of the shoe.  I have waited sooo long for them, and some what splurged on them so I am really hoping they are functional as they are HOT!  However, I find it extremely difficult to find high heel shoes, and wedges for that matter that are wearable AND walkable.  Speaking about "comfortable" shoes... I am not sure if I mentioned that my tan Jeffrey Campbell clogs are not comfortable to wear.  Well, the good news is that I think I might have found a solution to make them more "walkable" and wearable for a full day. I will wear them out today to see if my "solution" really works, let's hope it does because I really LOVE them....

Estas son mis mis ultimas "compras" y obsesiones, aún estoy esperando un par de sandalias de gamuza de UO que tuve que enviar de vuelta para un intercambio. No he usado los zapatos Mariels todavía, tengo que admitir que estoy un poco nerviosa por la "comodidad"  de estos. He esperado mucho por ellos,  así que estoy realmente esperando que son funcionales, ya que están hermosos! Sin embargo, me resulta muy difícil encontrar zapatos de tacón, y de tacon segido que y que sean comodos. Hablando de  zapatos "cómodo"  ... No estoy segura si he mencionado que mis zapatos Jeffrey Campbell zuecos no son cómodos de usar. Bueno, la buena noticia es que creo que podría haber encontrado una solución para hacerlos más "caminable" y usable para un día completo. Voy ver si mi "solución"  realmente funciona, esperemos que si  porque realmente me gustan mucho! <3 ari


. said...

loved the blog, I will follow it. go my

Michelle Elaine said...

the wait is over! can't wait to see how you style those shoes!!


Yaary said...

wowwww those wedges!

Mademoiselle Chic blog said...

love the sunnies! :)


Lily said...

Ahhh so so exciting my dear! Love, love new purchases!

The jeffrey campbell cheetah wedges are just too beautiful for words. I cannot wait to see how you'll wear them. As for comfort factor, with a wedge you usually cannot go very wrong. No matter what height they are, wedges always give such good support.



Style_Pursuit said...

I'm going shopping on Sunday, just can't wait! Hopefully I'll manage to get something as fabulous as your buys! Loving'em! :o)


Alexandra G. said...

Love the shoes! Post lots of outfits with these, they're amazing!

Love Alexandra

Romance Is Boring said...

those wedges are amazing! I nbever know where to buy Jeffrey Campbell shoes from; I live in the UK and I honestly cn't find them anywhere!

Just stumbled onto your blog and I love it! You seem like such a sweet person - new follwer :)


The Man from Amsterdam said...

Loving the wedges!

lamia said...

Great purchases!!!!

My Republic of Fashion said...

I love those leopard print wedges...fantastic purchase!:)sarahd

Jony said...

Love your new buys and cannot wait for your outfit with these stunning wedges, you are going to look fab in those!!

Marie Z. said...

These are all great buys! The hat will go great with the aviators and those wedges are amazing! Just came across your blog. I'm am now following : )

Sabina said...

Love the color of that ulta nail polish! <3
Please come check out my blog - I think you'll really enjoy it! :))
Can't wait to hear from you hon!

Isquisofrenia said...

i know ulta has some opi too for sale all the time
so its better to buy there than sephora Sometimes hahhah
those items you recently bought are just awesome!
love obvioulsy the shoes
and i hope your solution works, best of luck!

Lainey said...

I really love Marion Cottilard but for some reason, that Vogue issue didn't really appeal to me as much. And I LOVE Vogue. The yellow is a fun color for the summertime.