LA CATRINA de LA Moda: my FIRST EVER video blog!!!

Aug 10, 2010

my FIRST EVER video blog!!!

MY FIRST EVER video blog

OKAY so this was a very spontaneous video blog.  I was at work that's why you can hear the radio playing, and the cars zooming by.  This is my absolute first ever, so I am very sorry about all the extra (and annoying) noise.  I am not going to lie.. this was really fun ;)  As I sit here listening to myself talk on the screen, I ask myself ONE question.... Do I really sound like that, UGGGH!

Like i said on the video, I am not sure if I will do any more video blogs, I just wanted to give it a  try. 
There's a first time for everything right? ;) Hope you like it.


alyssa said...

loved your vlog!!!! so good. and i loved all of your rings! do more do more!
xx. alyssa

Nicole Leigh said...

you look great! love your rings


Marissa said...

this was great and like you said we got to see your i liked the stories behind the rings...more please :D.

Amber Rose said...

:) Lovely!
I did a video blog before but got too nervous and ended up taking it down!

ching said...

i ask that same question too.. do i really sound like that? XD

loved your vlog. never tried one. haha

ps. care to follow me in bloglovin? ill follow u back :)

Ivy said...

You are absolutely adorable! I've thought about doing vlogs but I'm way too nervous and scared haha

Zanah said...

Great video ! I'm too nervous to do my own but watching yours makes me inspired !!

Deanna said...

I loved your vlog! definitely keep doing it. your voice is fine haha. but yea I know what you mean, when I did a video project for school my voice sounded so bad, like a man doing an impression of a woman. haha no joke.
but anyway, i'd love to see more of your videos.

Lin said...

Loved it. It's nice to see what ur like in person... Sorta.
Hope you do more vblogs. X

simplyhope said...

More VBLogs!!!!! I loved it! It definitely is more personable and your accessories rock so it was cool that you talked about your favorite rings!I really want to do a vblog but......not sure yet.

Kara said...

this looks so great!! of course I am being a creep and at work with no speakers so i can't hear what you're saying lol but this is awesome. i vote for more vlogs!! will definitely be watching (with volume) when i get home!! lol


Amalina said...

You sound fine! Great rings btw :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Ari, my name is Sina. It was great to hear your voice - you sounded lovely and you looked different live - in fact, more gorgeous than on pictures! Your vblog also gave me a better perception of who you are as a person. In a word, you did great!

I adore your style, which is completely different from mine, but I am now in transition to something new, so this blog of yours (that I am reading for about few months now) gave me very interesting ideas, for which I thank you!
All the best,
NB: sorry my bad English;)

elvia said...

Love both outfits Ari!!!!

Kara said...

aww just rewatched with sound this time! lol you are so so cute!!! the stories are great! its always so cool to hear stories behind meaningful things! :)