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Aug 10, 2010

on my mind

on my mind
Carolines Mode

Currently inspired by Caroline's effortless style, if I could steal (okay have) 3 items from her closet they would be 1) those amazing red leather pants 2) tan suede Balenciaga bag 3) Prada lucite heel, oh and can we add to that her perfectly messy hair ;)

all images from carolinesmode


Zanah said...

Love her style very much ! I've seen those red leather pants on a lot of other blogs... definitely an "it" trend for fall. I'm actually considering buying a pair.

I swear the H&M in U.K. is WAY better than the ones in America because they have a lot more (cooler) stuff here even that leather jacket you posted a wks ago !! I'm leaving Scotland in a couple of weeks :)

My Republic of Fashion said...

Love everything she is wearing here!SarahD:)

Amalina said...

Yessss she is beyond amazing, no?


Valerie said...

Her style is incredible. I'm dying over those clear heels she's wearing.

Yes, you should definitely check out SM place when it dies down a bit! And good luck with the Key ring at Forever 21! I'm the same way about paying for shipping there (or anywhere for that matter).


Catita said...

i don't know her (yet!!) but i am in love with those red leather pants as well! I'll be sure to check her out for more "items I wish I had" ;)

Ivania said...

thanks for sharing!
loving the ensemble of the leather pants and perfect sheer blouse

Stacey Kay said...

The shoes in the first photos are what I'm dying for! Love it!

Stacey Kay
"Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"

ronisha said...

I'm so loving the first out fit I want it :) you blog is really nice I come n it very often... Follow me on twitter

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minnja said...

beautiful, great:)

Melissa~ said...

She look stunning.
She's one of the most stylist Street style hunters.

Thanks for your comment!

alyssa said...

hm at first i wasnt so sure about the lucite shoes, they were ok. but now that i see them with the black socks- AMAZING. im in love and i need them haha.
xx. alyssa

MeganRose. said...

very cute! i love the first and second...that sheer blouse is perfect!


these outfits are amazing