LA CATRINA de LA Moda: vintage shopping - Santa Barbara

Aug 19, 2010

vintage shopping - Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Vintage Shopping
This past weekend I went up North again to Solvang and Santa Barbara, but this time I went with more family members including my cousin Patty.  We both love fashion and we both LOVE to SHOP! So we were able to do a little vintage shopping in the Santa Barbara State St area.  Want to share a couple pictures from my trip, and of what I got with you guys ;)

wearing F21 dress (from VLOG post) H&M sandals, ALDO purse, VINTAGE belt

what I bought
vintage bracelet, dead stock pony hair animal print belt, the sunglasses were a gift from my cousin (thanks Patty!)
vintage wool blazer

I also included a VERY SHORT vlog (I promise)
where you can see the vintage pieces I got more in detail

hope you like the video, notice I worked on talking less ;)
Still working on the quality.



Ronisha said...

Love Love the pieces ;) Is that the vintage store you was telling be about in santa Barbara ??

elvia said...

You're welcome, I had soooo much fun shopping with you. :-)

Xoxo Cousin

The Vixen said...

you have such great taste when it comes to accessories!

simplyhope said...

Oh I Love the blazer! And it would look Amazing with liquid leggings! Your round sunnies are WAY TOO CUTE too:D Love your videos as always and thanks for your comment on mine:)

Kara said...

hehe, Ari you are too cute!!
Thanks for sharing another video! I really like how you've included the vlogs along with your photos! :)

Love that belt!! I really like how it's reversible! Even if the other side is cow believe me it would be very popular where I live ;) Very nice shades as well! What a great cousin!!

Thanks for all your comments this week as well lady! You definitely inspired me with the maxi skirt and I was so glad I was able to find one and hopefully pull it off half as well as you do! You should definitely go for those F21 wedges as well! You said you were an 8-8.5 as well right? I think that's probably the most popular size but if they come back get them!

Have a great weekend babe!! :)


Ife' said...

Wow! great finds, Ari... that belt is AMAZING!!

Eboni Ife'

alyssa said...

cool finds! i love those sunglasses!!

Grace said...

I need to go to Santa Barbara apparently! Love the belt wrapped around the maxi!

Love Grace.

L'Amour et la Paix said...

Those are great finds! Thanks for stopping by the blog, doll! xo

Chic Therapy said...

i love the sandals

carlyjcais said...

Hi Ari!
Thanks for your very well-thought out and in-depth comment on my blog!
I love your vintage finds - especially that awesome bracelet. And that photo of you next to the virgin mary just cracked me up!
I've added your blog to my reading glad to have found it:-)

MeganRose. said...

the maxi dress looks so great on you! i just put an order in at and so regret not adding a dress like that in my order :( i love how you styled it as i always do with all your outfits!

Goldenlipgloss said...

You are sooo lucky that you can go shopping there! I was in Santa Barbara last year and I had a blast...I think the only thing I bought was a t-shirt.
Next time I'll ask you for a few tips! :)

eelectroCutee said...

your vintage findings are greattttt... :)
I really love the wol blazer and the bracelet..
your outfit is also cool... :)

My Republic of Fashion said...

Great outfit & pictures! I LOVE what you bought. Fantastic finds.:)SarahD

Wynne Prasetyo said...

I love vintage shopping! i really LOVE what you bought

thelittledistractions said...

I've been looking for a belt like that! They had one at uo but when I went to purchase they sold out. Urs is a total bargain. Ps love ur accent! X

Channie Patay said...

Hey Ari! Love the shoes you're wearing! And those finds are way cool! :) It's so nice to hear your voice.. :) so cute. anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog..

I am following you now, can you follow back? :)

xx, Channie

Meritte said...

I love the sunglasses that you got as a gift !
& I love the bracelet (:

Style_Pursuit said...

I'm loving the maxi dress on you! It just looks perfect!!! :o)


Jony said...

You told me in one of your last shopping haul videos that you wasn't sure of this dress, well I think it looks amazing on you!!!
Another great video dear, love it! Do they have many vintage/thrift stores where you live? Because my thought of USA is that they have a lot more than here. ;)
Thanks for following me on Twitter.

El Guy said...

Babe.... You looked funny wearing the tag on your sunglasses... while you wore them.. lol

Jessica said...

The sunglasses are soooo nice! Jealous

kim said...

killer maxi!

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

ABIGAIL NY said...

love your outfits, I've been following for a while by url.:)
but now I'm clicking the follow button love your blog and putting it in my blog roll...keep posting
&great style...

Anonymous said...

Hello my darling!
So sorry for my lack of comments recently..have only got my internet sorted in the last week! Your looking so so beautiful as always, I love your forever 21 dress I have a similar dress in the exact same colour. I'm sure Santa Barbara is a treasure trove for vintage, you found some wonderful pieces..I have been on the hunt for a pony hair leopard print belt for so long!
Have a wonderful weekend sweetheart, loved your vlog.



Chiho said...

love the dress you wore:]
I came here from Chictopia and really love your blog~!

Yaary said...

great pieces here girl! i love your sandals :)

Isquisofrenia said...

oh man that belt is awesome
i have a leopard one but its really cheap, like no comparison
awesome and this dress looks so good i really like how you belted and that blazer so jealous hahha

Neekoh said...

Mmm mmm mmm, the unpretentious maxi dress, executed perfectly. You really have a knack for this, Ari! :)
And wow, nice haul there. Can't wait to see the pieces in action!