LA CATRINA de LA Moda: OUTFIT: cape, liquid leggings & leopard print

Oct 22, 2010

OUTFIT: cape, liquid leggings & leopard print

Caped, and cozy

Yes,  as you can tell I can't get enough of my Jeffrey Campbell Mariel wedges, they have become my favorite pair of shoes.  These shoes along with this bright red shade of lipstick are becoming my essentials, and my go to's in order to make my outfits a little bit more interesting,  I guess I can call them my signature items at the moment?   I am glad October is almost over, and November is just right around the corner! Wohoo! Also keep your eyes open for a giveaway! within the next couple of posts :)
Have a wonderful weekend

FOREVER 21 cape
H&M sheer button down
GUESS leggings
VINTAGE clutch


Among the Willows said...

i love this post! than you for sharing!!!


Jackie said...

Girl, this outfit is so cute on you! I love it. Btw, I remember you commenting on my lipstick. If you want I can send you it :) It's my signature lipstick, I love it! And maybe it will appear in your photos, hopefully! *crosses fingers* let me know. Have a beautiful Friday!

alyssa said...

awesome cape! so perfect for the weather right now! it must be so comfortable being in it!!!

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Great cape!!!


Curves ahead makeup said...

love your lipstick !!! great sheer shirt

Ivania said...

such a cool cape!
red lips and leopard platforms are great items! Love how they look so stylish on you

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

awesome cape!!! and i love your leggings so much!!

eelectroCutee said...

I've always wanted a cape but too bad that my country is tropical country... I will be look silly if I wear it.. hahaha
btw, you look great as always..simple but stylish.. :)

Nita -Karoliina said...

I have the same cape. It is comfy, isn't it? :)

You look great in it.

Love the wedges. I though of getting those for myself during the summer..

Have a great weekend and looking forward for the give away. Check out my house of harlow give away :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I love this look so, so much! The shoes are an absolute winner and I love how you've teamed them up with the cape - purrfect!!!! Your black shirt and leggings are beautiful:) xo

Nicole Leigh said...

LOVE everything about this outfit!! love!

Lainey said...

In love with your cape/poncho. Should probably invest in one shortly. Also your hair is doing this amazing ombre look lately, and I'm totally loving it.

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

looks great! You've got a very nice blog. Hope you'll become a follower of my blog too. ♥

Alexandra said...

Wow, looks so cozy, and the best part is that it's chic too. Very cute outfit.

Alexandra xo

Rebecca said...

Love the cape :) xx

Catita said...

the button down and the leggings are gorgeous! love this black look so much!

simplyhope said...

I have been wanting that cape soooo badly! Chic outfit Ari:D

Debby said...

xoxo Debby

Kara said...

the cape looks so cozy!! I love how you paired it with the liquid leggings...definitely adds a great edge to a soft piece!

Love the red lipstick on you as well! Keep rocking it girl, it looks great!

Have a great weekend Ari!! :)


Grace said...

Do you get more fabulous everyday!?

Love Grace.

Nicoline said...

Love your blog soooo sooo much!! I hope you will follow or visit my blog:)

November Grey said...

I can't believe that cape is F21! You look great and I can already tell you're going to be a fashion inspiration daily read - so I just followed!

I die for fashion and art as well... I'm all about mixing designer with great vintage/thrift finds, as seen here, here, here, and here.


November Grey
Stop by for a gorgeous art giveaway!

November Grey said...

P.S. - I'm half Mexican, love my culture as well - but dream of Paris too!! (sigh)


November Grey
Stop by for a gorgeous art giveaway!

Marella said...

I love your shoes! New follower, I hopo you will follow mw back! Kiss

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Adrianna Traxler said...

i love that your rocking the red lipstick