LA CATRINA de LA Moda: being grateful

Nov 29, 2010

being grateful

BLOUSE: Macy's

Above are some better pictures of what I wore for Thanksgiving. 
Since we are still on the "giving thanks" topic here goes just a though that crossed my mind as I was posting these pictures .  Many times  all I write about here on the  blog might be "material" stuff, with the words "want" and "need" attached to them.  Fashion is my art, but along with that I may come across as materialistic, consuming, and non-caring person especially to those who don't know me and don't understand  my love for fashion. 
It's easy for any person to get lost in the "want, need, want" of  fashion... I sometimes catch myself sliding down that path of "need, need, need" when I know I really do not need another pair of shoes with such urgency, and then I try to reason.  At the end of the day I am just another girl trying to live her life the way she loves, but one thing is for sure all I ask for at the end of the day is to live a happy and healthy life next to my loved ones whether that includes shopping or not. I am grateful for the simple things I many times take for granted, and sometimes it's good to stop, slow down, and remember what those small simple things are.



Curves ahead makeup said...

great post your so right , i understand how the wants go I also go down that path but its great that you can always turn around , lovely post and outfit pretty girl

Amanda said...

really nice outfit!

FashionHippieLoves said...

looks great!
Really like the colours you used in this outfit!


Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Cuteee look!

lovely <3


Nita -Karoliina said...

Really great read and i agree with you.

You look really beautiful!

Kara said...

Great post, Ari!

You are absolutely not alone in your thinking. I feel the same way as you too! Sometimes its easy to let the "want, want, want" creep in and forget that there are sometimes more important things to focus on in that particular moment. For me, its especially hard because I study communication and pop culture and when I break down how consumerist our culture is, it gets depressing lol. but all we have to do is stay true to ourselves and be grateful for what we have and the rest will follow.

I love the colour of that top!! hehe :)


simplyhope said...

Gosh your makeup and outfit is so Beautiful! I sometimes do feel the same way. But, in my opinion you don't come across like that. It is just that us fashionistas like you said are so passionate that it is just a way for us to express ourselves:)
But of course I am as well thankful for the little things. Family and friends means the most to me!

CHESCA said...

So lovely.

Zanah said...

Love your outfit here... especially the colors ! FYI I don't think you are materialistic ♥

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elvia said...

Wow Ari, sooooo true everything you said.. Me encanto tu fraces,bien hacertadas.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

So in love with those Lita heels!


cherish said...

great style :)

m said...

finnaaaallly got those shoes they are so cool!!!xx