LA CATRINA de LA Moda: outfit: The Lita Debut!

Nov 23, 2010

outfit: The Lita Debut!

Here you have it!! This is my first outfit featuring my LOVELY  Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots! I am pretty sure you will be seeing a lot more of them.  No LIE... these shoes instantly make any simple outfit 1,000 times better.  So today I start my weekend! Yes! I will be having a 6 day weekend.  I am looking forward to relaxing, spending time with the family, looking for a new job, and updating and catching up on the blog (including: FINALLY getting to the giveaway!) Have I told you that I can't get enough of chunky sweaters, neeeeed more of that in my closet, along with some bright red pieces... what are your current closet needs?? 
H&M sweater
GUESS leggings
JEFFREY CAMPBELL (from Lita boots
ASOS purse
F21 necklace
have a FAB, FAB, FAB Wednesday!


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

they look great on you. but i think they'll look too big on me for my petite body. lol!

im jealous of your 6-day weekend!


Alexandra said...

LOVE them, especially with that sweater! Great look.

Alexandra xo

Jackie said...

FAB <3

June said...

Hermosisima! ♥

June said...

Una pregunta los precios de la pag (from están en dolares no? Y hacen envíos a latinoamerica? Disculpa la molestia es que no entiendo un comino y me gustan varias cosas!

fashionstoned said...

Awesome outfit!!! stunning JC's!

Obsesiones de una Nina said...

Loving your heels!!!

Emy said...

The outfit looks great! So its a good thing you got them afterall:)



Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...


love it <3

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are so kickass! (And they literally probably could ehe) Love that sweater, and always love your hair and lip color.

simplyhope said...

Ouuuh I love this look! Adore your sweater and lip color:)

Rebecca said...

Oh gosh they're gorgeous! ♥ x

Nita -Karoliina said...

The Litas look fabulous on you!

Marissa said...

Yes! They are so, so perfect!

Marella said...

You look amazing!

kim said...

i need ponchos!!!!

you look awesome, those shoes are so ridiculously good.

clothes are cute

Style with Benefits said...

love the cozy sweater and contrast with the black leggings. so the Lita's are super comfy? i haven't gotten them because i'm afraid of the killer height. they look fab on you though!

enjoy your Thanksgiving, and let's catch up soon in person. :)

xx, becs

Deanna said...

beautiful outfit! one of my favs on you. I think the simple, but elegant look suits you, instead of mixing a lot of trends and unique pieces into one outfit.

CHESCA said...

Love your outfit! Amazing leggings and your Litas look fabulous on you! <3

elvia said...

Love every single piece on this outfit, you look amazing!!! like always..

Xoxo Patty

Lainey said...

ok...this is my favorite look from you by far! Everything, from the sweater to the leggings and especially to those Litas! You look so amazing.

Hannah said...

i love that sweater! the pastel shades combined with the tough leather looking leggings is perfect! im also jealous that you got the Litas!

Kara said...

Ari, you look adorable here!!

Oversized tops are your best friend, I swear! I have never seen anyone pull them off as well as you, and this one is no exception!

So glad you went for the taupe Lita's! You look great in them! Definitely can see you commanding a crowd in these wayy more than in the Snicks! lol

Hope you had a great weekend!!


JMay said...

Ok I just LOVE that outfit on you, so fun & unique! :-)