LA CATRINA de LA Moda: UGLY is such an ugly word

Nov 19, 2010

UGLY is such an ugly word

Hello darlings, are you all ready for your weekend!! and for that Fab H&M + Lanvin Collab.  I will be trying to check out that collection tomorrow at 8:00 am at the South Coast Plaza location wish me luck, I really want those killer shades!
Above I am wearing an outfit I put together for a BEBE Facebook page styling contest, along with 8 wonderful bloggers you all might be familiar with.  BEBE  was kind enough to send me this beautiful sweater from their cashmere line to style to my liking.  You can check out my look HERE and all of the blogger looks HERE on the BEBE Facebook Page.
If you love my look, or any of the looks be sure to show some love on the BEBE Facebook page.
I have to admit I was surprised by a few (or more than a few) of the "HARSH" comments I came across.  Not that I really care, I just think that WOW some people can be really rude.  I don't think I could ever write the word "ugly" on any type of commenting forum.  Anyways, be sure to check out the BEBE Facebook page, and check out all of the fabulous looks!  A HUGE thanks to BEBE for the lovely sweater, and for the invitation to participate!
As many of you know, I love to re-work my clothing pieces to make them look different and "new".  Guess what!? The BEBE sweater I am wearing is actually a scoop neck sweater, but I chose the give it a modern/bold vibe by wearing it with the back to the front.  Oh yes, as for the title of this post.. this outfit was WAAAY to ugly for "some" people... haha... I love it!  All I know is that I love this "ugly" outfit... and YES I would wear it all day, everyday ;)
gifted BEBE scoop neck cashmere sweater
(worn w/ back as front)
F21 belt
H&M pants
ZARA shoes
VINTAGE clutch
FAUX FUR cropped jacket
(over 5 years old frm TJ Maxx/ Marshalls)
Have been super busy lately, and have missed visiting your lovely blogs, hopefully I will be able to catch up this weekend!  Last thing, how are you loving the larger images?? not sure if I will keep, let me know if you likey!
that's it for now, have a fab weekend!


Allie said...

idk what those girls are smokin but this outfit is pure perfection :)

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

You a rock!!!


Marissa said...

I'm really not sure what could be considered ugly about this. You look awesome!

Charlene said...

You look beautiful!!!! Love this outfit one of my faves of yours!

Marella said...

Love your shoes!

Nita -Karoliina said...

I like them larger. Gorgeous styling!

Fabulously Lazy said...

Don't listen to 'dem haters! haha, wear what you love to wear! That's all that matters. Btw love the pants!

Curves ahead makeup said...

now obviously who ever called this ugly has no clue about fashion you look like a magazine model that's just so ridiculous you look amazing !!!

I would say some hating for your the one that got picked by bebe congrats girlie that's awesome

Lainey said...

Those pants are beyond! this is one of my fave looks!

Channie Patay said...

you look amazing! you really pulled this off! :)

xx, Channie

eelectroCutee said...

a person style is different to one another.. so I have some respect to other people' style because sometimes it took a lot of self confidence to wear something daring..
and I like those people who have self confidence to wear something that they like than criticizing to something that they would'nt dare to wear..

all the best for you, hope you win the contest.. :)

Enitan said...

love your outfit!

simplyhope said...

Woooow I read what those people said about your look and psssh I don't get it! You look so fabulous in my opinion! So edgy and Chic:)Keep doing your thing!

Shirley said...

wow, you have such a great style! i adore you!

Kara said...

The moment I saw this look I thought, "this is totally my favourite Ari look yet!!" I read those facebook comments and can't believe how unbelievably rude people are. I don't think I could ever write anything negative about someone's outfit, let alone that! I love this outfit, Ari! I think the sweater is a classic piece and you chose to make it edgy and modern and it shows wayyy more versatility that way!
Good for you! :)


R. Gratz said...

Ugly? Not one bit. I think it's a pretty rad outfit. But the proportions aren't really helping you out. The highwastedness of the harem pants really shortens you up in the torso area, which I know is the intention, so perhaps it's just the way you're shot (angle, pose, etc). I really dig it without the fur jacket (crop on crop doesnt look well, again, it shortens you up). But altogether, I think you've got a great eye for styling and Bebe is lucky to have you join in on the fun. :)

Bernarda said...

Don't mind that kind of people, if you feel good and love what you're wearing - that's enough by me. And personally, I think this outfit is AMAZING!

Alexandra said...

That anyone would ever use the word ugly in association with you pisses me off beyond belief. No one should ever be called that regardless of their appearance, but it especially bothers me that someone as beautiful as you should have to hear that. Don't listen to it, they're losers who are jealous and pathetic. I've had anonymous insults myself before...most of them about me being a bitch. I just take it as a compliment that someone took the time to even comment!

Anyway, this outfit is awesome, I LOVE the trousers and the coat! Beautiful as always my lovely!

Alexandra xo

Kookie B. said...

you look great in red lips!! i love the fur coat and the pants! super chic!

Lauren said...

This outfit is anything but UGLY! I love the way you styled a basic black scoop sweater. The pants are AH-MAZING! Hats off, girlie!

sharonlei said...

Ari.. the pants and shoes are so rad!! La la la love it. :D

xx Love & Aloha

E said...

Omigod, some of the commenters were so nasty on that contest! I was so surprised! I thought your look was lovely and I really love those pants :-)

MeganRose. said...

you look awesome! same with me, i could never write that word when commenting on someone's look. to use that word you kind of have to be a little (or a lot lol) small-minded. and if you're any bit into fashion and you know what's up, you have to be open minded.

i thought your look was styled very well, good job!

Style with Benefits said...

First off, congrats on being chosen!! I loved your look... you totally rocked it. The addition of the red lips added a nice pop of color and I love your printed pants. The studded belt complements the studded shoes too. BTW, love the cropped faux fur jacket too! Great job and kudos again!

xx, becs

Anonymous said...

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