LA CATRINA de LA Moda: A Balancing Act

Dec 2, 2010

A Balancing Act




Trench Coat: H&M
Blouse: G-Stage
Denim Vest: Hinge Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: BDG Urban Outfitters
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Mohair Scarve: Nordstrom
Necklace: F21

Fashion is a balancing act.  You add, you take away... but how do you know when to stop.
Usually when getting dressed, I pretty much pile on what I am loving at the moment.  Look in the mirror to make sure I don't look like an over done Christmas tree before I walk out of the house, and that's it.  I guess it's more of an instinct kind of thing?

I finally was able to go somewhere else other than my front yard to shoot these outfit pictures, yay to that!  My boyfriend was the photographer this time around so that explains all the goofy pictures, where I honestly have no clue what I am doing.  I find it very difficult to be serious around my BF, he brings our my total goofy-ness... yes guys I am a MAJOR goof ball!  All I know is that I was trying not to fall on my bottom when walking and balancing myself on the train tracks wearing my Litas (okay jumping too) !  Actually, I pretty much almost fell twice, yes I am very VERY clumsy, and have had a tons of scares when wearing many of my TALL JC's!

Thank you to all who entered the Chain Necklace GIVEAWAY!
The winner of the giveaway is Becs of Style With Benefits!  I honestly can't wait to see how she rocks the necklace!  If you did not win this time around don't worry, I have another jewelry giveaway in the works.  I will share details soon!



FashionHippieLoves said...

really really love your style!! <33


ALYSSA said...

i love this outfit!! you look great!

ahh i need a trench coat asasp.

Michelle Elaine said...

i cant believe you played on railroad tracks in those litas!! the litas in that color are growing on me, only a little.

i want a super platform shoe.

btw <3 your scarf!!


Bernarda said...

Not goofy, you're adorable!

It's so funny (your comment on my blog about getting black Lita's) because the first thought I had when I saw these babies on you was ''damn, I should have gotten suede ones'' :D Enjoy them, they suit you perfectly.

Oh, and I think I have serious problem with online shopping - is this bag and scarf from Asos? I recognized them instantly and I love both items, they're on my wishlist!

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Great trench!

Lovely shoes girl!!!


celita said...

perfect look!! love the trench with those boots and those jeans look good on you!!

Nita -Karoliina said...

That necklace is really great. From f21?
Great look all over.

Kara said...

I loveeee this outfit Ari!! You're right- fashion is a balancing at and everything you're wearing here is perfect for one another! The top and the vest are awesome! I love how the trench and lita's compliment one another (also sooo jealous that you can still wear your trench and not get hypothermia lol). And the scarf is gorgeous!!

Definitely entire the stylist competition! You have such unique style and its so admirable!

Have a great weekend girl!! :)


Stacey Kay said...

This looks so fabulous! Love the way the scarf looks with the shoes! Those shoes are amazingggg....

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

Win this thrifted Coach satchel bag!

Kookie B. said...

Ari, this is so super chic! there are so many layers but they all work together! i think the scarf ties every piece and color together. :)

Alexandra said...

Heels on railroad tracks scare me a little, but other than that I love this outfit! So happy you're getting good use out of your Litas.

Alexandra xo

6roove said...

boots to die for!

June said...

Yo vivo a la vuelta de las vías del tren y cuando paso me tropiezo hasta con flats!Realmente no se como hiciste genia ! jaja

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit! so super chic!
Como hiciste para saltar entre las vias con esas plataformas !!!!!???
me gustaria comprar las negras, pero las veo altisimas... Cuanto miden las plataformas?
loveeee this outfit Ari!!

Tiara said...

Love these pics and your shoes! My mom refuses to buy the litas for me so i had to pick some flat JCs for my christmas list

Anonymous said...

i'm totally fallen in love with your style and your blog!
i love it!

Anonymous said...

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