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Jan 8, 2011

Current Obsession: I find myself..

Still OBSESSING overPhotobucket
I love wearing black, but I love wearing "sheer black" even more.   There is something so magical and mysterious about the way "flowey" sheer material adds tons of drama to any outfit.  Photobucket
I have worn my H&M sheer button down a countless amount of times, but now I am obsessed with sheer maxi skirts! I need to really make it my mission to find a sheer maxi skirt within my price range, any tips send them my way. 
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Isabella said...

I want a half sheet skirt so bad. I am def. obsessed with them!

Kirstie. said...

I found one at a thrift store thats definitely a good place to look. Or if you feel like doing some d.i.ying making one is pretty easy. Good luck in your search.


Giselle said...

I noted one on my blog from Nasty Gal. Not too pricey. And Urban Outfitters has some too.

Stacey Kay said...

sexy sexy. adding sheer black to my list of things to look for while thrifting. thanks for the inspiration!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

My First “Haul” Video – Thrifting in Indiana!

Channie said...

Oh yeaaah! I want a black sheer maxi skirt too!

Lainey said...

Yeah, I have a black maxi but not a sheer one! I agree-it's super sexy and yet subdued at the same time!

Bren said...

yes, yes, yes... something very sexy about sheer black anything! nice collage.

B So Chic!

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

i loveeeeeeed <33

Alexandra said...

I absolutely adore sheer maxi skirts at the moment as well!

I've got a black one and a leopard print one both from Topshop. They're my favourite pieces in my wardrobe!


maïu bcn said...

oh!I l hadn't thought about a black sheer skirt, so cool, now I have a new mission too!! :) the look on the bottom right is amazing, I want something like that too!!!
good luck with the search, when you find one, take some outfit pictures for us to see!!!


Nita -Karoliina said...

oH. I love that style too :)

Núria García said...

I may have writen this post! jaja I also got the black sheer shirt by H&M, and almost wore it a thousand times! :)

And...I'm so so so obsesed with sheer maxi-skirts...that I decided to make one (DIY!), dangerous? Maybe, but I JUST NEED ONE!

XX, Núria

maggeygrace said...

Wow- these are amazing! I love all of their bags and shoes!

Natalie said...

love this post

nice blog

peace x

Jan said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. I think you could definitely pull off the sheer maxi skirt look - you have the pins for it! Can't wait to see the results! :)

Milly said...

I bought mine from

It is still in stock and really well priced :)