LA CATRINA de LA Moda: What I Wore: Laidback & Dotty

Jan 11, 2011

What I Wore: Laidback & Dotty

Blazer: ZARA
Polka Dot Tee: H&M
Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters
Boots: Franco Sarto via Macys
Purse: ASOS
This is what you will typically find me wearing on a Monday or Tuesday.  It seems that when I rush out of my house on these days of the week I always wear the easiest, and the first thing that comes to mind... and that usually will end up being skinny pants/jeans, my favorite tee, and my "go to" boots. I have come to find out that the best way to add a little polish to these "basic day" outfits is by throwing on my trusty black blazer and tadaaa... not bad for a rushed brainless outfit right?  I am telling you right now that if you do not own a black classic blazer you need to get off your *tushy* and go get yourself  one as soon as possible. This black blazer has been such a huge life saver in countless amounts of occasions... believe me when I say it's worth every single penny!!!
okay enough of that...I will stop being bossy ;)


JazmineKariss said...

Ive been super in love with polka dots lately :)

oh, and pretty rosary :)


FashionHippieLoves said...

amazing as always!


Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...


Nita -Karoliina said...

Those boots are so cool!

Check out my give away :)

Deni said...

I totally love your outfit...omg! I love your blog ! :)

Shevah said...

The polka dots are so cute. I love how you put all of this together.

simplyhope said...

Laidback and CHIC look! Love your booties so much:)

Marella said...

You look so cute dear! Gorgeous outfit!

Kara said...

Love this casual look lady! You look just as fierce as ever! And I'm also a huge fan of the jeans and blazer go-to. You're right that every girl needs a classic black blazer! It rounds everything out :)


Gorgeous Clara said...

perfect look! I love the boots!

Jan said...

Sigh, polka dots and red finger nails...perfection!

Lainey said...

I've been contemplating for a while, whether or not I should get this polka dot top. I love seeing it on others so much more than seeing it on myself.

Bren said...

I need that bag, honey!! Do share! :) Lovely laid back look.
ps: did we do our respective follow :)

B So Chic!

Bren said...

just added you actually. been having some serious issues with doing a direct follow from bloggers' sites... i have to do it manually. argh!

B So Chic!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Cute bag. x hivennn. p.s enter my giveaway?

Ears to the Feet said...

Love it and that bag is dope!