LA CATRINA de LA Moda: Out & About: Rose Bowl Flea Market

Feb 16, 2011

Out & About: Rose Bowl Flea Market

This Sunday was my first time making it out to the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Oh my goodness, let me  tell you it was as if I was in vintage heaven!  I did not have a big spending budget, I also got there a little  later than the time I had planned to arrive, so by the time I got there it was very, very crowded.  I am usually good at multi-tasking, but this time around I was just in awe of all the amazing vintage goodies that I really did not snap any pictures.  The pictures above ended up being the only pictures I have from my visit, a big thanks to my cousin Patty for snapping a couple of pictures of me.  If you are in the LA area the Rose Bowl Flea is a definite must try.  I know I will for sure be there next month, hopefully a little earlier too.  Until then I will be anxiously counting down the days!
OUTFIT: Forever 21 crop top + necklace, H&M maxi skirt, Gucci sunglasses, ASOS handbag
Meet me there next month!?
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Neekoh said...

Those sunglasses, Ari!! Gucci ftw :)


Ashley said...

Oh I wish I lived in LA so I could take advantage of this, it looks amazing!


Nita -Karoliina said...

That place looks like heaven!

Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE your outfit! That place sounds awesome :D

Nikki said...

I love your outfit and I can see a few lovely things in de background! x

Shevah said...

Why the hell is there no where like this around where I live?! It looks amazing over there!

Eli said...

I told you it would be good!! So glad you went, I miss going there now that I live in up in SF! Gotta find one in this area!

kim said...

you look great, really love black and white outfits.

clothes are cute

Anonymous said...

I love your sunglasses and your necklace!

ps. thanks for stopping your comment, hun!


ALYSSA said...

i really need to visit this place! i always forget when it is and no one ever wants to drive out that way early on a sunday morning haha