LA CATRINA de LA Moda: What I Wore: Black Velvet, Baby Blue, and Yellow

Apr 4, 2011

What I Wore: Black Velvet, Baby Blue, and Yellow

sweater: Material Girl via Macys
velvet leggings: Forever 21
shoes: Jessica Simpson
clutch: Forever 21
bullet necklace: Jenny Dayco
lipstick: MAC Neon Orange

If I had to wear the same outfit for a week straight, without a doubt I would choose this outfit. The velvet leggings have been a repeat item for almost a year now here on the blog!
Easy, funky, fun, and effortless is what comes to mind with this outfit, and exactly why I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit over, and over again!
Do you have a favorite outfit?

besitos Xx


whitney said...

Love your outfit! Absolutely adore your sweater.

Style-Pursuit said...

Yay! You look sooo beautiful and this yellow clutch is to die for! :o)


Amanda said...

I love your jewelry!

Nita -Karoliina said...

I am finally wearing my Danys in my newest blogpost. Those are so comfy :)

You look fabulous as always.

Anonymous said...

you're the best!!
lovely as usual

Mischell double W said...

i dont know what to say, omg this look so fabulous!! the whole look! want that lipstick color! <3

maïu said...

No wonder it's your favorite outfit now, it's great! I love the sweater, and those silk leggings are so cool! I also have outfits I repeat, especially when I have bought something new that I really like, I wear it a lot the first weeks.

Jane Alisa said...

Amazing outfit, love the colour combinations. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Darling i totally love this outfit...your clutch is lovely ....i really want Your lipstick !


Eli said...

I always love that you've figured out your aesthetic and what works for you the best!

LOVE your Dany's, wish I could wear them but I fear I would be way too tall with them!!

Madeline said...

That was totally me!

Laurel said...

I kind of feel like you are the long-haired version of me. Or maybe I just want ALL OF YOUR OUTFITS. Seriously, I love your style. It's kind of uncanny. And we share a lust for wacky platform sandals too...

Betty B. said...

Lovely sweater and a great clutch!

Nita -Karoliina said...

oh and check out my new give away if you want :)

Anonymous said...

That clutch is fabulous!

Michelle Elaine said...

Oh no way? That sweater is the Madonna brand? Niiiice! I didn't expect that brand to put out stuff I'd like :X


I'm Just Me said...

another great look!!! love it!! :)

Lainey said...

I have a sweater very similar to that. It's so great in blue though too, mine's cream.